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Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest and largest manufacture, supplier and exporter of marble, Italian Marble, Indian Marble, Imported marble, granite, sandstone, Limestone and Natural stone. Experience more than 500 varieties and color of Marble, Granite and Natural Stone. over 387 years experience. Best imported quality marble , granite and natural stones.
Now hold a strong presence in market and are well recognised by prominent architects, builders and designers. It has gone from strength to strength and became a million dollar company isince 1631 and is ever expanding.
Indian Marble vs Italian Marble
Marble was assumed as a Royal Stone used in lots of historical monuments and sculptures made during the medieval times. Now adays, one can easily perceive the growing use of marble in homes, offices, and other commercial establishments. It is easily available in the form of marble slabs, floor tiles, and blocks to garner interior and exterior areas. Now, there are more marble quarries, processing units, factories, and selling units in all corners of the world. There are many countries involved in the exporting of their indigenous stones globally. When it comes to purchasing the right stone from the right country, all you need to do is to compare the product and make a decision. This content is all about a comparison between Indian marble and Italian marble.
Indian and Italian marbles: Variety
Indian marble comes from lots of North India quarries in Rajasthan and Gujarat. With immaculate quality and premium look, India caters to the high demand for marble in the world market. India is also involved in the processing and production of marble as per global standards. Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. We offer these beautiful Indian marble in quality and natural shine.
Some Common Types of Indian Marble:
• Banswara Marble
• Indian Onyx
• Indian Statuario
• Albeta Marble
• Agaria Marble
• Katni Marble
• Dungri
• Dharmeta
• Green Marble
• Pink Marble
• Golden Marble etc.
Widely appreciated for its high lustre and imparting visual appeal to the area where it’s used, Italian marble is quarried in Italy and is now easily available in India as well. Italian marble is one of the most sought after because of rarity of the material. Italian marble is used to give a high-end look to the home, as seen in this example. It is used as a decorative feature for the flooring, walls, bathroom countertops, tabletops and so on.
The most common types of Italian Marble :
• Botticino,
• Perlato Sicilia,
• Nero (black) Marquina,
• Rossa Verona,
• Crema Marfil,
• Carrara marble
• Statuario,
• Calacatta Marble,
• Perlato,
• Travertine,
• Dyna,
• Bianco ,
• Grey William Etc.
Italian and Indian marble: Popularity
Indian marble has more than hundreds of colors for marble aficionados. Indian stone makes a big difference with Ambaji marble, radiant white Markana marble Taj Mahal, onyx marble, and Indian green marble. These are highly popular materials for the export purpose.
Italian marble comes in an array of texture and color but with a restricted variety that includes white-colored Statuario marble, Botticino marble, Calacatta Marble, Vietnam Marble, Dyna Marble, Onyx Marble, Carrara marble and etc.
Indian and Italian marbles: Pricing
Indian marble cost differs from vendor to vendor and city to city due to the presence of marble quarries and factories. But the price of Indian marble is not too high as there are lots of quarries and processing units and buyers can directly purchase from marble manufacturers.
Italian marble is more costlier than Indian marble when you buy the stone on the basis of per square feet price. But Italian Marble has their unique shine and features.
Indian and Italian marbles: Installation cost
The cost of laying both marble types is depends on their quality and thickness and that will be more or less the same. But it is cheaper for the Indian stone. Laying marble is a labor-intensive process as it demands the creation of the base of cement and river sand.
Italian or Indian marble: Your verdict
When compared with Indian stones, Italian stones are quite expensive due to import duties. Being durable and highly lustrous, Italian stones are sold at an inflated price tag. Except for Markana marble, all other marble types in India are less expensive than Italian stones. Moreover, Indian marble comes in hundreds of colors, and it is also cost-effective. On the other hand, Italian marble comes with limited color choices. When you opt for Indian marble products, such as fantasy brown marble, rain forest green marble, green onyx and pink onyx , you are likely to get an edge in terms of quality, satisfaction, and functionality of the stone.
Indian Or Italian Marble- Merits & Demerits
Both Indian marble and Italian marble have their own virtues and demerits as per changing needs of end users. One should pick up any marble type on the basis of its direct, finish preference and cost factors. Italian stone can be cheaper and can be re-polished, but it has limited varieties. Conversely, Indian stone is pricey but it has lots of varieties.
There are lots of Indian marble manufactures, exporters, and suppliers in India that deal in the delivering of the finest quality marble products at competitive price ranges. BHANDARI Marble Group Exports is simply one of them.
We are one of the greatest marble manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of all kind of marble stones like marble, Italian marble, Marble Flooring, Onyx marble, Statuario marble, Sandstone, Kishangarh marble, Indian marble, Makrana marble, and Granite at an affordable price. Looking for any kind of quality marble, granite in India or anywhere in the world, you are at the best place. We provide quality marble, Granite, Limestone etc in India or anywhere in all over the world at wholesale price.
Vision and Mission
Our Vision is to create a company and a brand that not only stands out of the clutter but also delivers on its promises of quality.
We are unmatched in terms of promptness in providing samples, images of live lots, delivery of material.
A Group or a Company achieves its overall success and maintains its growth through its perfect management team.

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NATURE’S MARVEL OR MAN’S INVENTION– A comparative guide between marble and vitrified tiles:

The mighty nature around you produces natural stone products after completion of several geological processes for a thousand years. Nature chisels marble rocks that men cut into marble blocks, slabs, and tiles. On the other hand, men take a few hours to engineer tiles, especially vitrified tiles, using various construction materials. Both product types from nature and men attract all. But the thing that induces a big variance is coincidence quality and controlled quality. With this content, readers will know how marble tile products are different from engineered products. Moreover, readers will understand the scenario of Indian marble tiles with reference to the sizes and popular colors available in the Indian marble industry.

A functional floor needs a base, stability and a subtle grounding effect. That is why the factor of cost induces a big difference. So, buyers always swing between the selection of concurrent vitrified tiles and timeless classic marble. Owing to a few reasons, a large number of people see vitrified tiles (ceramic tiles) as a modern-day alternative to marble for floor architecture.

Vitrified tiles: Advantages and disadvantages:

• Cheap, porous, and superb designs
• Installation under expert supervision needed
• Repair issues due to poor book matching
• Slippery when wet.
• Grout Maintenance after every year or two
• Not environment-friendly
• Causes outlay of energy and carbon dioxide
• All flaws controlled to enhance looks

Marble tiles: Advantages and disadvantages:

• Luxurious and opulent floors
• Natural flaws, veins, and lines on the surface
• Strong and durable
• A little expensive but high functional
• Environment-friendly
• Limited design choices

Man-made materials imitate the appearance of natural materials and make the overall quality quite controlled. With such materials, it is easy to have more decorating options. Factors of natural defects, colors, strength, and innate beauty prove that marble is winning the race owing to coincidence quality. Remember that men can’t beat nature at all. Men can mimic the look of natural stone. When it comes to purchasing marble, certified and popular marble suppliers from India give buyers an edge in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and perfection.

• Veining marble – Rainforest green, golden, and brown marble tiles
• Black marble – Mercury black, carbon black, and black marine marble
• Green marble – Spider green, plain green, and forest green marble
• Pink marble – Pink onyx and pink marble
• White marble – Bruno white, Albeta white, Markrana white, and white onyx marble
• Brown marble – Fantasy brown marble

Apart from mentioned-above marble colors, there are also some popular finishes and sizes that buyers can expect from Indian suppliers in a unique manner. As far as sizes are concerned, the following sizes make a big difference:
• Standard tile product sizes: 30x30cm, 30.5×30.5cm, 30x60cm, 40x40cm, 45x45cm, 60x60cm and 61x61cm
Interestingly, Indian marble suppliers can help all global buyers get high quality (coincidence quality) marble tiles in standard and custom sizes. They can supply tiles in multiple colors and sizes in all parts of the world.

With world class quality and cost-effective approach, Bhandari Marble World has been the epitome of excellence in the marble industry. Bhandari Marble Group has been trusted with many eminent memorials and buildings throughout the globe.
Years of excellence in the field of delivering good quality marble and stone has made Bhandari Marble Group one of the most trusted marble manufacturers. We hold an upbeat social media presence as our clientele reaches to all parts of the world.
We are delighted to be the whole soul supplier, manufacturer, importer, exporter, trader, wholesaler and distributor of supreme quality marble and natural stone.
Information regarding the products available, price, finish, sizes available and other similar items is available on the official website and social media pages of Bhandari Marble Group.
From homes or villas, to hotels, we cater to all types of requirements. Exclusive quality marble, granites and natural stone is available for projects such as Malls, Towers, Showrooms, Villas, Hospitals, Hotels, Complexes, Casinos, college, Township, and other projects. Besides this our Natural stones are being used widely in landscape, Sugar mill, Oil mills, Steel mills, Ceramic industry, Food Processing, Power Industry, & Agriculture Industry marketed under the brand name of BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP, established in the year 1631.

Do you want to buy natural stone slabs or genuine Italian marble? You have come to the stone professionals. On our website, you can purchase natural stone from the manufacturer. What’s more, you do not have to worry about the structure or colouring of the desired stone. Our qualified specialists will assist you in selecting the most suitable product, whether tiles or slabs. They will provide you with all the technical information you need based on the characteristics of the product and the intended use in the environment that you need to plan. Buying natural stone from the manufacturer means having a high quality product whilst saving time and money.

On our website, you can purchase marble from the manufacturer quickly and easily. Before placing an order, please contact our specialists. They will assist you in selecting the finish and colour of the stone based on the intended use and the style of the environment.

If you are looking to install natural stone in your new home, Contact us at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP and we would make your task easy and hassle-free. We also offer door step delivery where it is ensured that the best quality products reach you.

We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been a reliable partner for all your MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE requirements since the year 1631. Decades of experience in the marble industry has made us what we are and we remain grateful to you for contributing to our success.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has exclusive relationships with some of world’s most renowned Architects, Interior designers, Builders, Developers from all around the globe.
From homes or villas, to hotels, we cater to all types of requirements.
For more information, follow our Facebook and Instagram.

You can also contact us on:
Since 1631

TO KNOW MORE, CALL US AT +91-9672941111/9116341111 or mail us at or .

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The envy-evoking Indian Marble range is all set to beautify your spaces

The envy-evoking Indian Marble range is all set to beautify your spaces:


Texture, strength, and durability are the three big factors that make Indian marble first choice of all. Indian marble suppliers offer a wide variety of quality (level 1-2-3) in all marble slabs, tiles, and countertops for all sorts of residential and commercial purposes. Some buyers prefer to check features of marble being well-polished, crack resistant, heat resistant, glossy, and shiny look. Taj Mahal in Agra is the biggest example of marble perfection and beauty. The monument is still standing high and lively even after more than 500 years. With the content, readers would know more about why Indian marble has an edge over any other stone, what color impurities give to marble, and what colors are available in India for global buyers.

Redefining lifestyle with candid features of Indian marble:
When you look at the grandiosity of Indian architecture that reflects extravagant opulence in the history as well as contemporary times, you find marble as the main construction and décor material that redefines lifestyle in a perfect manner. Indian marble flooring at royal palaces and historical buildings need no introduction. For many decades, attractive Indian marble floorings have been stealing the hearts of the beholders with added beauty and glory. Following are some features showing why Indian marble is still a winner in the race of the best natural stone products. These include:
• Marble ages beautifully with time-to-time care and maintenance.
• Strong and durable marble is great for flooring option.
• Awesome finishes with or without veins and variations of mineral impurities.
• A better option over other materials in terms of durability, texture, & luxury
• Little to no impurities for having elegance and chastity to all living spaces

Marble impurities giving birth to a unique marble color:
The procedure of metamorphism of carbonate minerals helps in the formation of marble. Actually, metamorphism is the variation of geologic texture in pre-existing rocks. There are lots of factors that control the degree of metamorphism. It is heat, pressure, time, and impurities that control metamorphism and coloration in marble rocks. Following are some of the unique marble colors occurred due to various impurities in marble.
• Iron oxide deposits – Yellow and brown color
• Iron and feldspar deposits – Pink and red color
• Serpentine deposits – Green hue
• Porphyry deposits – Violet color
• Varied mineral deposits – Gold, pink, and blue color

In India, BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP offer a big a variety of marble products in various rare and popular colors. If you are planning to get black, white, green, brown, pink and golden hues with veins, patterns, and lining on the surface, Indian marble can give you a reason to fulfill your needs in an effective manner.

Indian marble colors from marble suppliers in India:
Without a doubt, India is a hub of marble products. From north to south, India has Rajasthan, Chennai, and Bangalore as prime destinations for quarrying and processing of marble blocks, slabs, tiles, countertops and vanitytops in different sizes and designs. Although there is a long list of marble colors available in India, yet there are some popular and selective colors that are sold like hot cakes. Professional marble suppliers in India deal in the selling and supplying of the mentioned-below marble products at a large scale. These include:

Albeta white marble – Milky white stone with a brown textured surface.
Black marine marble – Deep black and white veins over the surface.
Forest green marble – An impression of a dense teak forest on the surface.
Pink marble – Grey stripes and swirls on a pink surface.
Rainforest brown marble – Veins of white and deep brown hues over the surface.
Rainforest golden marble – Golden shades over base with dark brown veins.
Black marble: A true transmitter of sensation

The black color is simply absence of color and it beautifully absorbs all brightness in the color spectrum. This color represents strength, elegance, seriousness, power, and authority. This hue affects the mind and body by creating a modest feeling, boosting confidence and increasing the sense of potential. In clear words, marble is a true transmitter of sensation that does not allow those who see it to remain unmoved. The black hue revives the existence of all structures around. When a natural stone product covers the mantle of black, it takes beauty to the next level. It is a black marble that delivers a unique experience to all who love to make the most out of their décor and construction projects. Let’s move ahead and checkout what are some of the applications of the black marble stone products and what Indian marble suppliers have for global buyers.

Applications of black marble for indoor and outdoor decoration:

When beauty alights on a stone in the form of black marble tiles, slabs, or any other form, it takes away your senses and renders a new meaning to outdoor and indoor decoration in a never before way. Marble black is a popular metamorphic rock stone product that is granular, hard, medium-grained and gritty to touch. There are lots of applications of this stone product for decorating domestic and commercial interiors and exteriors. On the basis of particular applications, certified black marble suppliers from India offers a wide variety of stone products for the following options. These include:

Indoor decoration:
• Flooring
• Walls
• Tables
• Countertops

Outdoor decoration:
• Pools
• Patio
• Garden
• facades

Indian black marble assortment for worldwide buyers:
India is a hub of black marble products that owns the ability to affect all visual senses. When it comes to availing marble black varieties, BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP- exporters and manufacturers are always ready to cater all changing needs of marble enthusiasts and B2B buyers worldwide in an amicable manner.

Indian suppliers generally offer rough blocks, customized tiles, countertops and vanity tops. In addition, popular sizes of gangsaw slabs 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm and cutter slabs 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm can be availed in big quantities. Checkout the particulars of top three black marble options from India: Mercury black, carbon black and black marine marble stone product.

We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
For more information, follow our Facebook and Instagram.

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Introducing Elegant Marbles


Introducing Elegant Marbles that Unveil the “Wow” Factor:
People love marble because it enhances the overall beauty of a space where it is installed. Stone engineers, masons, and stone installers prefer this stone as it is soft, easy to carve, and resistant to shattering. There are lots of form of the marble available in the market such as blocks, tiles, slabs, and stone articles. Among them, marble tiles are more popular and widely used for garnering floors, walls, countertops, vanity tops, etc.
Primarily, marble is classified on the basis of its color and the location where is quarried. A large number of marble quarries around the world produce white-hued stones. As far as marble producing countries are concerned, the United States, Italy, India, and a few European nations grab a lion share as compared to the rest of the world. Marble tiles are not engineered at a quarry; it is a marble stone processing factory that makes a rough stone fit for use and functional for installation. Let’s know more about marble tile colors, features, variety, sizes, quality, and suggestions for buyers.

Marble tiles for a timeless style, sophisticated feel, and elegant choice around!
Natural stones have been around us for ages in various forms. Be it granite, sandstone, marble, or limestone, natural stones play a vital role in numerous construction projects globally. Being a cool, rich, and eminent, tiles of marble give a vivid look to walls, floors, and other surfaces. Both rectangular and square sized tiles deliver a really exclusive appearance. In white and off-white colors, marble stones, especially contrasting veins, are known for their enticing looks.
All living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, commercial spaces, and kitchens get a new life when this stone is installed in a practical manner. This stone product comes to your aid when you prefer to make your interiors speak the language of perfection. Whether you cartel opposing or similar marble looks, this natural stone product imparts a “wow” factor and transforms your room completely.
There are some inherent features of performing marble tiles of custom and standard sizes that give the stone a specific look and end users lots of benefits.

Marble tiles variety, colors, sizes, and design:
Marble is a natural stone product that no man-made material can outshine at all. Although there are some engineered stone products that come with controlled quality, yet gleaming stones like marble are quite spectacular. Artificial tiles made of marble-like materials are engineered after imitating the original appearance of natural materials. By controlling quality at a certain stage, engineered stones try to match the level of marble.

The reasons behind natural or coincidence quality of marble include natural defects, colors, strength, and innate beauty. That is why this stone commits better decorating options. Nature is the biggest engineer and you can’t beat it at all. When it comes to buying marble tiles, marble suppliers from various countries give marble tile buyers an edge in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and perfection. Following are some popular colors and varieties of tile products made of marble:
Black marble – Mercury black, carbon black, and black marine marble
Brown marble – Fantasy brown marble
Green marble – Spider green, plain green, and forest green marble
Pink marble – Pink onyx and pink marble
Veining marble – Rainforest green, golden, and brown marble
White marble – Bruno white, Albeta white, Markrana white, and white onyx marble.

Features of softness, feel, veins, texture, lines, defects, and backdrop designs simply boost the overall aesthetics of the stone surface. Presence of any of these qualities over the surface makes design of marble tiles superb. As far as the availability of the stone sizes is concerned, global buyers can expect the following sizes. These include:

Marble quality, grades, and finishes for tiles!
What is the quality of a marble product? There are various findings that focus on certain geological processes, quarrying processes, finishing processes, or stone cutting pattern to determine the overall quality factors. Visible and distinct veins, occurred due to the presence of natural crystals, running over the surface of the stone gives a new dimension to the quality when it is reflected by proper finish and polishing. In marble stone, natural defects or impurities are seen as a plus point. When a stone wears sand, silt, clay, and iron oxides, it emerges as a stone with gorgeous impurities.

Interestingly, natural impurities find inside the stone indicate to the coincidence quality not controlled quality. Marble tile exporters cater to needs of all sorts of marble buyers keeping the factors of quality in mind. It is also known that quality differs from buyer to buyer. Plainly speaking, there is no prefixed grading system that buyers can consider to assess the quality of the stone of their choice. Primarily, there are three grade types related to the factor of quality. These include:
• Exotic or high-end quality labels: It is earmarked with one-of-a-kind variations, patterns, and hues.
• Low-grade marble quality: It is commercial or second choice stone due to the presence of excessive soft minerals in the stone.
• Mid-grade marble quality: It is concerned with the presence of clear colors and attractive patterns with lower uniqueness.

There are lots of marble tile finishes available around, yet below-mentioned are popular finishes one can expect from natural stone manufacturers in all parts of the world. These include:
• Available Marble Finishes: Polished, lepatora, honed, sandblasted, antique (sandblasted + brushed), bush-hammered, bush-hammered + brushed, and leather finish.
• Edge Finish: Machine cut edges

Be a marble tile expert and buy only real marble not fake one!

All marble products are not the same, so are their inherent features. If you are not an expert, you will certainly find it hard to differentiate. Getting timely help from experts can make things in your favor. If not, you need to know what is right or wrong. Sometimes, engineered tiles look more beautiful than natural tiles. It is always a big step to make a decision to choose the real one and avoid fake one. It will be great if you can know the real aspects of man-made or natural marble product. Just stick to these features that can take you in the right direction and know if your choice stone product is fake or real.
• Stone color and pattern analysis by checking veins, colors, and texture smeared on the surface of the stone. If the stone misses these natural imperfections, it means it is a fake marble product.
• The water test application: If the stone you are buying doesn’t absorb water, it means it is an engineered stone made of epoxy resins. On the other hand, marble tiles absorb water as it is porous.
• Tapping through the stone: Natural stone product simply induces a ringing like sound when it is tapped on the back. On the other hand, a fake stone offers no sound as it is made of resin and crystals.
• Know marble price: Basically, marble price fluctuates as per the higher and lower quality options. If you are getting stone for a lower price than its actual range, it is probable that the seller is cheating you with a fake product.
• A careful look at the stone joints: Some tiles are processed by a machine and others by human beings. This difference can induce a shift in the seam pattern.

Marble tiles price is a big variable:
Marble tile prices are varying as per destination, quality, processing, and economic factors. All marble stones are not the same, so are their relative prices. The price of the stone also goes up due to lower supply and higher demand in the competitive market. The price of rare marble tile colors (white and black from India) is generally high. The price of the stone also varies as per the quality and grading of the stone (high, medium, and lower). In addition, marble products processed and mined in an exotic location are found costlier than the stones that are processed in your own country. Without a doubt, a stone that is rare and hard to extract adds more burden to your pocket. In case of monopoly, marble producer may extort more bucks from you. Involvement of lots of agents in the stone buying and selling process can also inflate the overall price of the marble tiles. Cost of marble substitutes and finished products also matters the most. The distance between quarry and factory and ports also gives a price variation.

Owing to our rich industry expertise and perfect affinity with modern infrastructure, we bring forth a comprehensive array of astonishing natural slate colors, such as black, purple, red, grey, green, and many other eye catchy shades. Our offered product range is procured distinctly from various regions, including Northern, Western and Southern part of the country. More over, we own a rich legacy of two decades of experience in producing and exporting high in demand interior slate stone, which are widely used to construct slate stone walls, slate stone flooring and in various other construction applications. We as an Indian slate company has become a trustful business partner and managed to earn a worldwide presence. We are in tune with the global trends, and cherished by our prestigious clients from all over world countries including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland, Greece, Italy, Croatia, and Germany for exporting premium grade of stones used in buildings. Quality is at the core of our business operations; it equips us to be an accountable slate stone exporter entity, whose enlarged footprint is all due to the continued trust and support of distinguished patrons looking for premium quality Indian Slate Stone at equitable price range. We have used our commitment to quality as a tool for success, which not only made us the trustful slate stone manufacturer in India, but it also accelerates our journey in the competitive marketplace.


– Natural Stone Applications
sandstone flooring sandstone floor sandstone wall cladding slate stone floor slate floor natural stone floor stone floor stone flooring floor tiles floor stone tiles stone for floor natural stone flooring stone floor tiles slate floor tiles silver grey flooring
– Modern Wall Cladding
You will not only be overwhelmed with the strength and sheen of natural stone, but will also fall in love with the rugged look it provide when used to accentuate the walls.
– Enchanted Flooring
The stain resistant and weather proof natural stone flooring is a stylish addition to your interior. Make your dwelling splendid with the incredible range of striking colors and subtle texture of stone that will perfectly compliment the modern finish and rustic elegance at the same time

We can cater your any kind of demand for Indian natural stones like Marble, Granite, Limestone, Slate, Sandstone and Quartzite, Cobbles, Palisades, Circles, Pebbles, Walling Stones etc Stone Articles etc and an assortment of Floor Tiles, Paving Tiles, Wall Tiles and other Decorative Tiles.


– Tiles And Slab
– Granite
– Sandstone
– Marbles
– Limestone
– Stone Veneer
– Landscaping
– Thin Ledgestone Veneer
– Stone Circles
– Stone Pebbles
– Stone Gazebo
– Walling Stone
– Wall Tiles
– Rock Face
– Stone Wall Murals
– Wall Panels
– Mosaic Tiles
– Artifacts and More

We can help you answer those questions.
Contact Us:
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1.What are the best marble for flooring?
Marble stones are one of the best option for flooring. They are widely known for its durability. There are lot of different verities of and designs of marble available in our store, and each one varying in colour, finish, size and overall look. Selection of best marble for flooring id depends on your need. There are so many types of Indian Marble, Italian Marble and Imported Marble. Indian Marble is less expensive rather than Italian Marble or Imported Marble. The choice is depend on your need and budget also.
2.Which is better for flooring, marble, granite, or tiles?
Marble, Granite and Tiles all are durable, heat, fire and comes with different colour and patterns so they are good option for flooring.
Marble has different texture and designs. There are Indian Marble , Italian Marble and Imported Marble available in different price rates. It is excellent when its comes to water resistance as it present low porosity. Marble is also available in different size and thickness.
Granite is the third strongest mineral on the earth which makes it highly resistant to accidental impact. Granite is available in different size, texture and designs.
Marble Tiles are come in different design , texture and size . Marble Tiles is easy to fit and less expensive rather than marble slabs and granite.
3.What is better for flooring granite or Italian marble?
Both granite and Italian marble are good option for flooring. Granite is more pocket friendly, and easy to fit less expensive than Italian Marble. Italian marble is the only option which gives a luxury look to your home. Italian marble is more expensive than granite.
4.Which one is the best Italian marble or Indian marble ?
Marble is a beautiful natural stone and still the most preferred for flooring material. There are different verities of both Indian Marble and Italian Marble are available in different colour, designs and sizes. Italian Marble has a very high lustre and it is very soft stone. Indian Marble has medium luster and it is hard stone.
Indian Marble comes in a wide range of colour and verities such as- White Indian Statuario Marble, Makrana Marble, Katni Marble, Dungri Marble, Jaiselmer Yellow Marble, Banswara Marble, Udaipur Green Marble, Pink Marble and so on.Indian Marble is used for flooring, bathroom wall, Countertops of kitchen , bathroom and tables.
Italian Marble also comes in different range of colour, texture and verities such as- Bottocino Marble, Statuario Marble, Rosso Verno Marble, Royal Dyna, Perlato, Black Marquina, Carrara, Calacatta, Crema marfil , Grey William and many more. Italian Marble is used as a decorative features for the flooring, wall, bathroom countertops and so on.
5.Which is the best Italian marble for flooring?
There are many types of Italian Marble which are best for flooring. Italian Marble is used for long lasting. From that some are most commonly and regularly used which are best for flooring. They are-
• Bottocino
• Statuario
• Royal Dyna
• Grey William
• Rosso Verona
6.Is marble is good or granite is good for flooring?
It is very difficult to choose because both the material have their own significance. Granite is more durable than marble and less prone to stain and scratching. Granite is comparatively harder and stronger than marble. Both marble and granite quite different from each other , both are available in different colour, design, texture, size and thickness.
The durable quality of granite makes it appropriate for kitchen countertops and marble gives a bright unique look and is suitable for flooring surface. If you are willing to devote some of your time in maintenance of tiles for a more beautiful and elegant design then go for marble. However, if you want a natural stone with more durability, scratch resistant properties and less wear and tear ability then granite is the best option for you.
7.Which is the best Italian marble?
BOTTOCINO MARBLE– The marble Botticino has a natural beige color with unique brown veins. perfect for outdoor flooring and wall cladding. This marble is quarried in Botticino town so the name Botticino comes from the place. Botticino Marble is one of the finest and luxurious product.
USES – Living Room, Hotel Lobby, Lounges, Counter-tops, Bathrooms
GREY WILLIAM-Grey William is a marble with full grey & whitish veins, which is imported from Italy and Turkey. The Grey Williams Marble slabs are looks cozy in Living Room, Lobby Area, Bathroom, Wall Cladding.
ROYAL DIANA– Royal Diana is beige color marble with thin & thick brown veins pattern. This is one of the most popular Italian marble for flooring in India. Royal Diana Marble is available in 15mm to 18 mm thickness.
USES- Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Entrance area.
STATUARIO MARBLE-Statuario is a stone with maximum white color & grey veins. This is one of the most beautiful marble in white color. If you want to give unique pattern on your floor then statuario is the option. It adds brightness in your room.
USES- Living Room, Kitchen, Reception, Bedroom, Lobby Area.
ROSSO VERONA- The Rosso Verona marble is a red stone with unique brown veins. This rock is perfect for indoor flooring. Rosso Verona is an Italian Marble with red color, which is imported in from Italy and also called as Verona Red Marble.
The Rosso Verona marble slabs are looks elegant in Bathroom, Lift Area, Reception Area, Wall Cladding.
8.Which marble is better for flooring, Italian perlato or Katni marble?
Perlato is an Italian Marble. Italian Marble has unique texture and designs with shine. Italian Marble generally comes from Italy and Spain.
Katni Marble Is an Indian Marble. Indian marble also have the different texture and designs. It is the closet match of Italian Marble.
Both Indian and Italian marble is use for flooring. It is very easy to work with both marble, both have their own different features.
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Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest and largest manufacture, supplier and exporter of marble, Italian Marble, Indian Marble, Imported marble, granite, sandstone, Limestone and Natural stone. Experience more than 500 varieties and color of Marble, Granite and Natural Stone. over 387 years experience. Best imported quality marble , granite and natural stones.
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It is true that the most famous marble in the world comes from India specifically from Kishangarh for this reason, many prefer authentic Indian marble. We deal in Indian marble, Indian marble tiles, Indian floor designs, Indian marble flooring, Indian marble images, India, Indian marble prices, Indian marble statues, Indian marble suppliers, Indian marble stones. Italian marble is a wonderful material that can quite simply enhance the beauty and elegance of any home villa hotel and projects. Americans now prefer Indian Marble in place of Italian marble. When it comes to flooring, marble is considered to be one of the best options as compared to other flooring materials.
Indian marble is considered to be superior by many due to its purity, durability, and beautiful white color. Italian marble is costlier than Indian marble when you buy the stone on the basis of per square feet price. The cost of laying both marble types is more or less the same but it is cheaper for the Indian stone. It falls somewhere best Indian marble 100 and best Italian marble 500 per square feet.
Other this that, you can understand the difference in simple words is that Marble is a hard, usually highly polished stone, whereas Italian Marble is a type of marble stone discovered in Italy and it does not require more efforts or polishing. Indian Marble is one of the best materials available for use inside Residential space. It is a natural homogenous product. You get 15 mm to 16 mm thick slabs of Indian marble. Bhandari Marble Group here’s everything you need to know about Indian and Italian marble. Their origins, popular varieties, pricing, maintenance tips. Bhandari Marble Group is supplying manufacturing Italian marble in India and overseas at best price. Get better Italian Marbles Cost per square foot. Kishangarh, Rajasthan marble is one of the best white marble in India they come up as the best choice for interiors due to their elegance, light, and warmth. Indian marble is used for the flooring, bathroom walls and countertops of the kitchen, bathroom and tables.
Marble is a beautiful natural stone and is still the most preferred flooring material varieties of both Indian marble and Italian marble are readily available in different colours and vein patterns. If you are planning to use marble for your home and haven’t yet decided whether to go with Indian marble or Italian marble, this article can help you make up your mind.
Egyptian marble different from Italian marble as compared to Indian Stones, Italian Stones are expensive. Indian marble is quarried from the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, while Italian marble is quarried from Italy and is usually available in slabs and tiles also.
Indian marble comes in a wide range of Bhandari Marble Group colours and varieties of Indian marble, white Indian Statuario marble, white Banswara marble, stone or yellow marble, green marble, pink marble, black marble and so on.


• Albeta White Marble
• Banswara Purple Marble
• Bijolia Marble
• Black Gold Marble
• China Black Marble
• Dark Green Marble
• Dharmeta Marble
• Dholpur Sandstone
• Green Marble
• Indian Red Levante Marble
• Indian Statuario Marble
• India White Onyx Marble
• Jaisalmer Yellow Marble
• Katni Marble
• Kumari Marble
• Lady Pink Marble
• Makrana White Marble
• Makrana Dungari Marble
• Milky White Marble
• Pink Marble
• Rainforest Marble
• Rainforest Gold Marble
• Rainforest Green Marble
• Red Fire Marble
• Ruby Red Marble
• Sawar Marble
• Spider Green Marble
• Sunny Gold Marble
• Toronto Marble
• White Albeta Marble
• Wonder Marble


Italian marble has a very high luster, as seen in this image, and is a very nice stone with a crystal-like appearance. Indian marble has a medium luster and is a comparatively harder stone. Both these types of marble are commonly available in a thickness of 14, 16 & 18-20 millimeters and Bhandari Marble Group can customize every thickness of marble. Italian marble is a natural stone; a thin nylon net is glued on the back of the slab to give it additional support and strength. Italian marble is sold with one side pre-polished and rough both. Italian marble is used to give a high end look to the home, as seen in this example. Bhandari Marble Group marble granite is used as a decorative feature for the flooring, walls, and bathroom countertops.
Bhandari Marble Group
Types of Italian marble include Italian Bottochino, Perlato Sicilia, Nero sent Laurent marble. Marquina, Rosso Verona, Crema Marfil, Carrara marble and Statuario marble.


All the marble slabs should be perfectly leveled during installation, Italian marble is that it is a very good material and develops prominent hairline cracks over a period of time; this characteristic makes the harder Indian marble a better choice and Italian marble. Marble should be sealed periodically with impregnating sealers that create a protective barrier to prevent staining. Both Indian and Italian marble their luster over time, so they have to be polished periodically to retain their shine.


Good-quality Indian marble is available at prices from ₹30 per square foot onwards. Italian marble is available at prices from ₹150 per square foot onwards, as in the year 2019.


Italian marble and Indian marble information by Bhandari Marble Group regarding marbles and especially difference. Explained the differences of the both marbles with making good sense of usage facts. The Secret Marble to Designing a Living Room Beautifully. Designing a Living Room Beautifully by Bhandari Marble Group marble granite and natural stones.



Katni marble is the Best Flooring Marble for the Balcony


White marble is the Ideal marble for a Puja Room


Granite is the best for Kitchen countertop and stairs


When it comes to marble, you have options that are immensely popular in Indian homes. Both Indian marble and Italian marble are choices for your flooring or surface top needs. But how do you pick the right marble that’s perfect for your home and budget. While there’s a lot of info out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, here are the basic differences you need to know between Indian and Italian marble.

Indian marble is quarried extensively in North India. This makes it a cost-effective choice with a wide variety of colors and textures. On the other hand, Italian marble is quarried in Italy and is now easily available in India as well. It is widely appreciated for its high luster and imparting visual appeal to the area where it’s used.


It comes of colors such as white, pink, yellow, green, red and black. Some of the popular varieties include.


Like its Indian counterpart, this comes in a variety of color and textures. Though there are a few varieties which are instantly recognizable, such as; the much valued Statuario marble which is characterized by its white color shot with grey or gold veins. Golden hued Bottochino marble which seems to be lit from within. Light grey Carrara marble which features dispersed, fine, feathery veining


While the cost of marble varies from city to city and vendor to vendor; Indian marble starts from as low as ₹30 per sq ft for some varieties of Indian green marble. It goes up to ₹150 per sq ft for other varieties.
ITALIAN MARBLE PRICE- Since this is available in a wide variety, prices could range from ₹150 to ₹5,00 per sq ft, and sometimes more.


The cost of laying both Indian and Italian marble is difference, which is between Italian marble ₹ 50 -60 per sqft. And Indian marble 18 to 25 RS Laying marble involves creating a base of cement and river sand before placing the marble slabs and therefore is labor-intensive.


Indian and Italian marble have their pros and cons, as listed above, but it’s best to choose what suits your needs. While building or renovating your home, you may have a particular finish in mind and a budget to follow. By keeping these points in mind, you can easily select the right type of marble for your house.

We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
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Marble is a natural stone, so there are many variations within a piece. There will be different tones/colors within the same. Explore the rainbow of popular white and colored marble varieties mined from Indian quarries. Experience more than 500 varieties and colors of Marble and Stone. Enquire Now. Best imported quality over 387years experience. We are the experienced marble manufacturer & supplier. Vivid colors, patterns, quality and versatile cost options. Cost Friendly Marble Slab. Best Quality Marble. There are several types of marble available around the world each carrying different patterns and colour tones.
We have multiple collection of MARBLE – Onyx Marble, Katni Marble, White Marble, Green Marble, Agaria Marble, and Italian Marble.
Marble in India, come in different colours – Green Marble, White Marble, Pink marble. Some Marble have the design like plywood they are called ONEX. There are many other varieties so any stone which gets cut in to slab, gets used for construction.
Marble has a magical ability to make any space in your home feel like it has been coated with luxury, and for some home. Bhandari Marble Group is the perfect place for all types of marble, granite and other Italian Marble which is gives your home a new touch of elegance and extra ordinary. Marble is one of the most luxurious flooring choices for use in the home. The right marble can perfectly complement an entrance, kitchen, living room, or any other space that you could think of! It can give your home a touch of class that no other flooring can.
How do you know the right kind of marble to choose? Which will be right for which area? This article covers some of the more readily available types of marble.
There are three different types of marble that area available for flooring. These are:
• Afyon Travertine
• Blue Jeans Marble
• Blue Jeans Marble
• Bianco-Carrara
• Bianco Carrara
• Bursa-Emperador
• Bursa Emperador
• Light Travertine
• Marmara Zebra
• Milas Lilac Slab
• Mugla-White-slab
Marble may occur in a huge variety of colours, from whites and beiges, through to reds, greens, browns, and blacks. Each type of marble will have different streak patterns, widths, and grains. Although known for its white hues, our marble color choices are just as varied as your unique style. Marble is available at The Tile Shop in black, green, grey, blue, brown, red, beige and more. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble may be foliated. In geology the term “marble” refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses unmetamorphosed limestone. Makrana white marble is by far the most common type of marble and, as previously mentioned, is usually the least expensive
This is a type of marble originating from Turkey. As the name indicates, the marble has a cream beige hue to it. The colour across the stone is consistent, with not much variation, which makes it appear almost flat, but with a hint of depth.
Not technically a marble, but a limestone, real Cream Marfil mimics the look of marble. Original Crema Marfil is from a region in Spain near Alicante. It has a light cream colour to it with a little more variation to it than the Crema Beige.
Calacatta marble is a brilliant white marble with light grey larger, thicker striations throughout. This type of marble looks amazing over a wider area, or in the bathroom. Calacatta does not in fact come from Calcutta, India, but from Carrara in Italy– which is also the name of our next marble.
Carrara marble is quite similar to Calacatta marble, which is why the two can get mixed up fairly easily. The main difference between the two is in the veining. While Calcutta has longer, thicker, and sometimes meandering veining, Carrara marble has finer, more prevalent veins which tend to be fairly linear.
Dark Emperador is one of the darker marbles that you can use and is popular in Australian homes. The marble is an earthy brown with light cream to beige veins throughout. This type of marble is originally from Spain too.
Could you guess from the name that this marble is from Greece? This is a beautiful white marble with very light grey to blue striations. It is popular for indoor use including bathrooms and statues.
Of course, there are many more different marbles than just what we’ve named here! If you are looking for inspiration for your marble floor in India, or maybe just a little confused, May sure to call us to our experts for Advice. We are experienced in a huge variety of marbles and would love to help you out with all your marble flooring needs. The most popular white marble varieties are Kishangarh, Makrana, and Banswara. These three marble can sometimes resemble one another, but there are differences that are important to note in order to be able to choose just the right one.
This popular white marble has a clean look with its subtle gray hues.
• Agaria White Marble
• Banswara White Marble
• Makrana White Marble
Types of Marble -How are they Different?
Bhandari Marble Group
The pioneer group of Marble Granite and natural stones. Marble is a rock, which can be found in quarries all over the world. Different types of marble come from different areas and are classified based on composition, color, and finish. Marble comes in a variety of colors, so if you are looking for a way to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, floor, or walls in a luxurious way, marble is an excellent option to consider. Not only does marble come in many colors, but each type of marble has many hues, patterns, and a completely different look.
With so many options, you would be surprised that two houses or rooms can both be decorated in marble and have such opposing styles. Whether you’re going for a traditional look or a modern vibe, you can use marble to achieve exactly what you want. Let’s take a look at the many types of marble to choose from, how to identify each one, and ways to use these types of marble in your home.
Makrana is a popular type of marble, which is quarried in the Carrara region of Italy. It is typically white with dark gray veining throughout. Calacatta is relatively rare, so it’s considered a luxury stone. It looks great when paired with stainless steel appliances or in bathrooms. The Calacatta Gold version of this stone has more of a rich color than the typical white Calacatta marble. It’s slighter warmer in tone, but not dark. The Calacatta Gold marble still has the deep gray veining throughout. Because Calacatta is one of the most popular types of marble, we’ve explained more in depth some of the other subtypes below:
This is more of a neutral-toned version of the typical Calacatta, and it has off-white markings and veining throughout. These markings are dark, usually brown or black.
Banswara marble is an off-white or white type of marble, which usually has dark brown or black veining. This marble is quarried in Carrara, Italy, which is one of the most popular areas for marble production. Only true marble connoisseurs will be able to see the differences between Arabescato, Carrara, and Calacatta marble types, because all of these can be very similar in appearance.
KUMARI MARBLE this is an off-white marble, similar to the MAKRANA DUNGARI, except the markings and veining are very dark in color. This type of Makrana marble is almost except that the marking and veining will be darker.
Dungari marble is a type of marble with various subtypes including Bardiglio Bluette, Bardiglio Imperiale Chiaro, Bardiglio Nuvolato, and Bardiglio Scuro. Overall, Bardiglio is a marble type which comes in a brownish-gray color and the subtypes of it simply have different hues with a variation of different veining throughout.
As the same suggests, this is a grayish-white marble, and the veining is subtle, but light-brown in color. This marble is off-white with a mix of brown, and has darker veining throughout. This marble is a whitish-beige color and has medium-brown veining throughout. This type of marble has a distinct look, with a medium-brown color and large splotches that are lighter in color.
Many people get the Makrana white marble Calacatta and Carrara marble types confused, because they are both quarried in the Carrara region of Italy, however, Carrara marble is usually white, gray, or blue-gray in color. The veining in Carrara marble is not as strong or as dark gray as Calacatta marble. It can be light and feathery or more linear. Carrara is also much more widely available than Calacatta marble. Many people like to use Carrara in bathrooms because it is such a pristine white. It provides a clean feel to any room.
Alberta marble is also quarried in Spain, and it comes in many different color variations. Many people know this type of marble for being a creamy yellowish color, with varying intensities of veining. This marble can be used in combination with other warm and natural accents in your home. It goes particularly well with wood. A lot of people choose to use Crema Marfil marble in exterior home renovations because it provides a great natural aesthetic
Another important fact to note is that when people refer to Carrara, they are actually referring to Bianco Carrara, which is the white type of Carrara. Other types of marble which are quarried in Carrara, Italy can also be considered Carrara marble; however, they do not go by the Carrara name. Because this is one of the most popular types of marble alongside Calacatta, we’ve provided some of the most common subtypes of Bianco Carrara below.
• Bianco Carrara Extra
• Bianco Carrara Venato
• Dark Marble
• Grey-Fi-Toh
• Black Granite & Black Marble
• Blue Onyx & Blue Marble
• Statuario Marble
• Yellow Marble
• Pink Marble
• Calacatta Marble
• Green Marble
Dark colours marble is quarried in three different regions throughout Spain, and it can come in a variety of different hues, however, the most popular is the Dark Emperador. The Dark Emperador marble is a deep chocolate brown toned marble, which provides a homey feel to any house. Many people use this marble for floors or fireplaces. It usually has fine grains and irregular veining throughout. As you can see, marble varies tremendously from bright white to dark brown, so it can be used to decorate any home.
Grey-Fi-Toh marble is a type of marble that is quarried in Milan, Italy, and it is a deep gray color with lighter gray linear veining throughout. This is a great marble to use if you’re going for a modern or contemporary look in your home because it provides a more uniform and geometric design. It has a clean, matte finish and can be used in bathrooms, on floors, or in kitchens. Many people use it in showers or as a tile backsplash.
Black marble is used in many modern homes because it is so sleek and chic. Black marble, with the most common type being Nero Marquina, is deep in color with white or gray irregular veining throughout. It looks great as a kitchen countertop or for your fireplace. It can also be paired perfectly with white marble accents. Remember, when choosing marble, you never have to stick with just one type. Many people choose a variety of different marble types to decorate their home.
Travertine is a very popular type of marble, which comes in a variety of neutral and beige tones. This is a porous marble, so there is no veining shown in it. It provides a very consistent look throughout a home. Many people choose to use Travertine tile in their home or in their bathroom showers. It is known as a precious marble.
Blue marble comes in a variety of deep blue, light blue and gray hues with blue veining throughout. This marble is very soothing and works great in bathrooms, backsplashes, or water fixtures. It also looks subtle and clean when put into a tile pattern. Blue marble is a medium blue shaded marble with white splotches. This type of marble is unique and very beautiful. It is often used in bathrooms. It looks like clouds in the sky and can make any room feel dreamy or calming.
Fantasy Brown Marble has a light brownish-white coloring with dark dotted marking inside as well as some veining. This is a unique type of marble, and it has some subtypes including Beola Verde, which has a brownish-gold tone.
STATUARIO MARBLE is another white marble, which can be hard to differentiate from Carrara, Calacatta and Arabescato marble types. They all have dark veining throughout that adds beautiful contrast to their pristine white backdrops. Statuary marble comes in subtypes such as Statuary Carrara 1, which is almost completely white in color, Statuary Carrara, which has slightly more yellow tones, and Statuary Mossa, which is a beige marble.
Yellow marble is a yellowish/beige marble with both veining and markings in it. It almost looks like it is tiled with small fragmented pieces inside. It is considered to be a busy marble because there are so many small details within each slab. Each piece is unique, which makes it a great choice if you want your home to be special.
Pink marble has a beautiful red/yellow tone to it. The veining throughout is creamy and irregular. It looks warm and can make any home feel cozy, yet chic. Rosso marble can also come in much darker shades of maroon and brown with white veining. This marble is quarried in Turkey and is oftentimes used to make fountains, floors, pools, and countertops.
Green marble is a rich, green marble with white veining throughout. It can vary from dark green hues to olive green. Verde is also referred to as a Serpentine stone because its color is closely related to limestone. With such a beautiful color, you’ll find Verde marble in some of the most luxurious bathhouses and homes throughout Europe.
The possibilities with marble types are endless and so are the colors. Once you think you’ve learned all of the types of marble out there, don’t be surprised if there are even more to discover.
When looking at types of marble by composition, think of these are more of an overarching category. Many types of marble can fall under these composition types because the composition type is how the marble is formed as opposed to just the color of the marble. These composition types have more to do
You can identify clastic marbles by small rock deposits or fossils within the marble. Clastic marbles can be found in and around Lucca, Spain. While marble is not a clastic rock itself, some marble is clastic in composition simply because it contains fragmented pieces within it.
Serpentine marble is more green or brownish in color and looks similar to limestone. This type of marble is easily identifiable by its color, and it is called Serpentine after the siliceous stone by the same name.
Pure calcareous marbles are usually composed of large crystals and don’t have any fossils inside. The different types of pure calcareous include travertine, saccharoids, spatic, and alabaster marbles. They can be white or colorful in appearance.
Calcareous crypto-crystalline marbles have a crystalline composition and contain multicolored fossils inside. Anytime you see vibrantly colored marbles, there’s a chance that they are of this composition. One example is the votive chapel of the Unknown Soldier in Rome.
Because marble is produced all over the world, one easy way to classify marble is by the origin in which it’s quarried. Most people like to know the origin of the marble they are putting in their home because it’s a great conversation starting and helps explain the status and story of the stone. Europe, Africa, Asia Minor, and the Americas are the four main regions where marble is quarried and produced.
Italy is the main country in Europe producing marble, with top types of marble, such as Carrara, Calacatta, Bottochino, the red marble of Verona, and Siena marble. Spain is also a popular country for marble production with popular types such as Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador coming from Spain. Spain produces other types too, including Nero Marquina, which is type of black marble. Other countries in Europe which have marble types include Greece, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, and Ireland.
Brazil, the United States, Argentina, and Mexico are the top countries in America where marble is quarried. Brazil is the top country with over 1,000 types of natural stones being produced there. In the United States, they produce 9 types of marble, including Creole, Etowah, Yule, St. Genevieve, Vermont, Tuckahoe, and Sylacauga marbles. Mexico and Argentina each produce only a few types of stone each, however, they still remain significant in the market.
Turkey has produced some notable marble types, including Makrana, which is used extensively throughout the Taj Mahal in India. Turkey is also home to the Proconesio marbles, which were used during the Roman Empire. Also in Asia Minor, Oman and Pakistan are known for their production of precious marbles, which have been used in ancient tradition.
Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Ethiopia are the four most popular countries in Africa for marble production. Alabaster and Galala are two popular types of marble originating from Egypt, and the Ancient Yellow marble is a popular stone coming from Tunisia. Dalati is a predominantly white warble which comes from Ethiopia as well.
When using marble to design or renovate your home, the opportunities are endless. Many people use marble for statues, outdoor water fixtures, mosaics, decorative bathroom tiles, fireplace mantle pieces, and many more creative endeavors. The most popular places for marble in your house will be your kitchen, your bathrooms, your floors, and possibly your furniture. Here are some design ideas to get you started.
The kitchen is one of the most popular places to use marble. Many people use marble for countertops or kitchen islands to create a clean, expensive, and chic look. Depending on what look you’re going for, white marbles such as Carrara or Calacatta can be a great choice for kitchen design. However, mixing white with black marble accents can also work well in kitchens. Your color tones and marble types will depend on what theme you’ve chosen, but thankfully, marble has so many options to choose from.
In the bathroom, marble is used for countertops, floors, backsplashes, and showers. Using marble as opposed to basic tile can go a long way in improving your bathroom and making it look upscale for guests. Many people choose to use tiled marble in their showers or even add in a mosaic marble design for some flare. Carrara marble is a great option if you need to stick to a budget.
Marble floors will make any kitchen, bathroom, or entryway look magnificent. You can cover parts of it with beautiful rugs for a cozier feel, but the marble and its veining will stand out and really add a sense of luxury to your home. While most people go with wood floors, those who have the confidence to go with marble are one of a kind. A lot of people choose big diamond patterned tiles of marble for their floors, but small tiles may also be good for smaller spaces. It’s completely up to you.
Surprisingly, you can put marble tiles on your walls as well, not just in your shower or on a backsplash. Marble walls can look great with wood floors. You can even do one marble accent wall if you want to make a statement in a specific room. If you have a modern fireplace, consider making that entire wall marble. It will look glamorous and allow the rest of the room to be cozy.
You can make any furniture out of marble if you choose, but of course, you’ll want to stick to more decorative pieces or tables, chairs, nightstands, etc. Statues, stairs, and outdoor pieces are also good options—the possibilities are truly endless. Any piece of marble in your house will make a statement and show your guests that you value luxury, class, and quality.
Marble of all types can be bought and shipped from online suppliers or from local distributors. Most cities have a variety of marble suppliers to choose from, and if you’re renovating your home, your contractor may partner with specific suppliers which they can recommend to you.
If you’re looking for particularly precious stones, you may have to get the exact number of slabs needed to be shipped in directly from the area in which they are quarried. However, these areas are used to having to send out their marble all over the world. Marble is sold by the square foot and can vary tremendously in price depending on the particular type of stone you choose. Carrara is one of the most budget-friendly options for marble because it is the most widely available. More precious and expensive options include Calacatta and colorful stones like Verde, Blue Marble, and Nero Marquina.
Marble is a great choice for your home because it is a much more sustainable option than wood and other materials. Stone will last longer than any other material out there, and though it takes some maintenance, it is extremely sturdy and will hold up against any beating you give it. One part of maintaining your marble floors and countertops is to protect it with proper sealing. That way, it will be waterproof.
You’ll also want to treat your marble as you would any wood surface and protect it with coasters and cutting boards as well as wiping up spills immediately. You can use specific marble cleaning sprays in order to keep your floors and counters clean on a daily and weekly basis. There is a system of annual maintenance, weekly maintenance, and daily spot maintenance, which will keep your marble shining and looking its best. Just like any other piece of your house, marble needs to be looked after and treated with care.
Marble tile comes in a wide range of colors, making it an ideal choice for accentuating any type of decor. In addition to the multitude of hues available, the differences in vein patterns and grain distinguish various types of marble from one another. To the untrained eye, it might be difficult to differentiate the types of marble. With so many options to choose from, it’s helpful to do some research so you make the best decision for your renovation project. Depending on the type of marble used, it can add sophistication to a kitchen or an artistic flair to a foyer. The abundance of marble colors and types available allows you to complement or contrast hues or create distinctive mosaic patterns on floors and walls with this material. No matter which type you decide to install, marble tile adds a timeless visual impact wherever it’s placed.
This is generally white, gray or blue-gray and commonly used in sculpture and building decor. Its veining is more linear and can either be small and fine or soft and feathery, although it can be dramatic. One of the more readily available marble options, Carrara is one of the most commonly used marbles in residences. Since it can have a stark, pristine whiteness, use it in bathrooms to add an airy and clean feel.
A sister stone to Carrara, statuary marble features a uniform background and light gray tones with distinctive and more dramatic veining. Its semitranslucent white background gives it a shiny, glossy feel, reflects light and provides a radiant finish that enhances any room.
Marble tiles can enhance and add an airy lightness to any room (Carrara Stone Marble Containers – Calacatta Statuario)
“Due to its rarity, many people consider Calacatta a luxury stone.”Often misspelled as Calacatta, this marble tile is also commonly mistaken for Carrara marble. Calacatta marble is generally white with dark veining in large, thick patterns. For some homes, it can add a striking look when paired with the stainless steel of a kitchen or the white porcelain of a bathroom. Since it is rarer than Carrara, many people consider Calacatta a luxury stone. Calacatta gold marble adds a splash of richness to the tiles, and it can radiate either warm and cool tones depending on what colors you match with it.
Quarried from three regions in Spain, this stone varies from the whites and grays associated with Calacatta and Carrara and come in different shades of brown. It typically exhibits fine grains with irregular veins. Its darker color makes it an ideal choice for a high-traffic floor or a charming fireplace surround.
Also quarried in Spain, crema marfil comes in many tonal variations. The most prevalent and well-known tiles have a light-beige or yellowish color with uniform backgrounds and veins varying in intensity and irregularity. Crema marfil is typically used with other darker and more colored natural stones, and is commonly found in exterior cladding, flooring and decorations. Large reserve and wide market availability makes this an appealing choice for homeowners and architects.
Even after considering your options, it’s helpful to order samples to see the various shades of a particular type of marble in person. Since marble is a natural stone, there can be a variety of color streaks and vein patterns, even within a single set. But this only adds to marble’s charm, and you can easily use this particular characteristic to create truly exceptional patterns.
What type of marble do you prefer? For any types of Marble Granite and Italian Marble Bhandari Marble Group Is the Perfect Place.
We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
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White Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. WHITE Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. Colorless marbles are a very pure source of calcium carbonate, which is used in a wide variety of industries. This popular white marble has a clean look with its subtle gray hues. Examine the White marble for veins on its surface and then flip the tile over to see if there is a crack, or fissure in the same place on the back of the stone. Examine the surface of the white marble under a light, holding it at a 45-degree angle. Well on high end houses White marble flooring is generally considered better for entrance, hallways and common ways. Granite is less common and probably more expensive. A combination of porcelain tile and white marble is probably best for bathrooms.
BhandariMarbleGroup is a renowned manufacturer of white marble in India. It is a leading name in white marble suppliers. We offer a wide range of white marble with assured quality and the best price in the market.
White Marble into their home, take a look at these 6 different types of marble and their best uses.
 Carrara White Marble
 Calacatta White Marble
 Statuario White Marble
 Thassos White Marble
 Bianco White Marble
 Marmara White Marble
White marble slabs are one of the best options for flooring material due to its beautiful and pure look. If you choose white marble for your home or any commercial space, you get a number of options to select as white marble has a varied range. The Morwad Marble , White Morwad Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana White Marble, Statuario Marble, Indian Statuario Marble, Opal White Marble, Rajnagar White Marble, Rajnagar Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana White Marble, Dungri Marble are the best sellers in white marble range. They are very popular in the market because of their fine finish, pure white colour, and smooth texture.
White marble is the most likely choice for homes as the white colour adds elegance and creates serenity in the atmosphere. It also gives a feel of wider space. You can try the white marble for flooring and for wall cladding as well. Else you can try mixing white marble with other marbles or any other building materials for a different yet pretty look. The range of white marble we have is best in the industry and pocket friendly as well. So if you are planning to build a new abode or just thinking to add some more room to your home or office, try white marble. It can create wonders.
Bhandari Marble Group is one of the most reputed exporters of White Marbles from India and takes pleasure in representing India’s legacy of natural White stones. Bhandari Marble Group has a leadership in White Marbles with last 387 years.
Prepare for the majestic beauty brought to your spaces by our collection of superior white marble. Refreshing, chaste and ultra-exquisite, our white marble is beauty and strength incarnate.
Bhandari Marble Group’s White marble extensively used for both residential and commercial spaces, the affordability of our range of white marble has qualities like superlative polish, gleaming luster and impeccable hardness that leads to increasingly durable product.
A Natural Marble Stone, Natural Sandstone, Natural Limestone, Natural Granite stone Including Slates, Cobble Stone, Pebble Stone And Mosaics. Indian Marble Starting From Rs.30/ Sq Feet and Maximum Price Rs.200/ Sq Feet
• Toronto Marble
• Sawar Marble
• Pink Marble
• Pink Marble
• Makrana Marble
• Dharmeta Marble
• Morwad Marble
• Makrana Pure White Marble
• Makrana Pure White Marble
• Makrana Dungri Marble
• Light Green
• Katni Marble
• Katni Light Brown Marble
• Katni Green Marble
• Dharmeta Marble
• Albeta-Marble
• Agaria White Marble
• Brown Albeta Marble
• Kumari Marble
• Makrana Albeta Marble
• Makrana Dungri Marble
• Makrana Kumari Marble
MAKRANA WHITE MARBLE BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP’S aims to meet the customer’s need by researching, finding, selecting, quality controlling and on time supplying the required marble and stone. Our long time experience in the Natural Decorative Stones combined with the knowledge of the needs, requirements and standards of every specific market and customer, guarantee the success of our aim is specialized in quality selection and supply Makrana white Marble and Foreign White Marbles.
We BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP since 1631 is producing and exporting Indian white marble all over the world. Apart from Blocks, Slabs and Tiles we create tailored environments crafted with precision and care.
Through the centuries service was used for many building and reconstruction sites throughout the world. Its popularity derives from its classy white color used in large scale projects.
A purely dolomite attractive stone, dominated by its bright white background and light grayish veining. Its homogenous appearance makes it very popular in private and public buildings.
Known for white hues, our marble color choices are just as varied as your unique style. Marble is available at The BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP in black, green, grey, blue, brown, red, beige and more. Lighter marble floors can drastically brighten your room’s BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP love the way traditional black and white marble tile flooring can add a classic vibe to your space. Marble tiles come in several shapes, from arabesque to chevron and hexagon to herringbone. Get creative with patterns and shapes to add interesting elements of style to your floors.
Cool, rich and distinguished, marble transcends all other tile flooring materials. It’s available with Bhandari Marble Group in a variety of colors and contrasting veins that can deliver a truly unique appearance. Marble floor tile can have multiple finishes, from polished to hone and brushed to tumble. Whether you combine similar or contrasting marble looks, this natural material has the “Wowwwwww” factor that will impress your guests and completely transform your room.
BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP offer different types of marble finishes, each of which can create a distinct look and feel. Polished marble is more formal, honed is more traditional and a tumbled finish can add a rustic touch. Mixing finishes will give you a custom, one-of-a-kind look. Since marble is a natural stone, no two pieces will be alike. BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP offers everything from light to dark tones, so it can fit any style.
Our most popular size of marble flooring Tiles and Slabs the most traditional size is 12” x 12”. BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP also offer a multitude of square, plank and smaller mosaic tile patterns.
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We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects. For more information, follow our Face book and Instagram.
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