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1.What are the best marble for flooring?
Marble stones are one of the best option for flooring. They are widely known for its durability. There are lot of different verities of and designs of marble available in our store, and each one varying in colour, finish, size and overall look. Selection of best marble for flooring id depends on your need. There are so many types of Indian Marble, Italian Marble and Imported Marble. Indian Marble is less expensive rather than Italian Marble or Imported Marble. The choice is depend on your need and budget also.
2.Which is better for flooring, marble, granite, or tiles?
Marble, Granite and Tiles all are durable, heat, fire and comes with different colour and patterns so they are good option for flooring.
Marble has different texture and designs. There are Indian Marble , Italian Marble and Imported Marble available in different price rates. It is excellent when its comes to water resistance as it present low porosity. Marble is also available in different size and thickness.
Granite is the third strongest mineral on the earth which makes it highly resistant to accidental impact. Granite is available in different size, texture and designs.
Marble Tiles are come in different design , texture and size . Marble Tiles is easy to fit and less expensive rather than marble slabs and granite.
3.What is better for flooring granite or Italian marble?
Both granite and Italian marble are good option for flooring. Granite is more pocket friendly, and easy to fit less expensive than Italian Marble. Italian marble is the only option which gives a luxury look to your home. Italian marble is more expensive than granite.
4.Which one is the best Italian marble or Indian marble ?
Marble is a beautiful natural stone and still the most preferred for flooring material. There are different verities of both Indian Marble and Italian Marble are available in different colour, designs and sizes. Italian Marble has a very high lustre and it is very soft stone. Indian Marble has medium luster and it is hard stone.
Indian Marble comes in a wide range of colour and verities such as- White Indian Statuario Marble, Makrana Marble, Katni Marble, Dungri Marble, Jaiselmer Yellow Marble, Banswara Marble, Udaipur Green Marble, Pink Marble and so on.Indian Marble is used for flooring, bathroom wall, Countertops of kitchen , bathroom and tables.
Italian Marble also comes in different range of colour, texture and verities such as- Bottocino Marble, Statuario Marble, Rosso Verno Marble, Royal Dyna, Perlato, Black Marquina, Carrara, Calacatta, Crema marfil , Grey William and many more. Italian Marble is used as a decorative features for the flooring, wall, bathroom countertops and so on.
5.Which is the best Italian marble for flooring?
There are many types of Italian Marble which are best for flooring. Italian Marble is used for long lasting. From that some are most commonly and regularly used which are best for flooring. They are-
• Bottocino
• Statuario
• Royal Dyna
• Grey William
• Rosso Verona
6.Is marble is good or granite is good for flooring?
It is very difficult to choose because both the material have their own significance. Granite is more durable than marble and less prone to stain and scratching. Granite is comparatively harder and stronger than marble. Both marble and granite quite different from each other , both are available in different colour, design, texture, size and thickness.
The durable quality of granite makes it appropriate for kitchen countertops and marble gives a bright unique look and is suitable for flooring surface. If you are willing to devote some of your time in maintenance of tiles for a more beautiful and elegant design then go for marble. However, if you want a natural stone with more durability, scratch resistant properties and less wear and tear ability then granite is the best option for you.
7.Which is the best Italian marble?
BOTTOCINO MARBLE– The marble Botticino has a natural beige color with unique brown veins. perfect for outdoor flooring and wall cladding. This marble is quarried in Botticino town so the name Botticino comes from the place. Botticino Marble is one of the finest and luxurious product.
USES – Living Room, Hotel Lobby, Lounges, Counter-tops, Bathrooms
GREY WILLIAM-Grey William is a marble with full grey & whitish veins, which is imported from Italy and Turkey. The Grey Williams Marble slabs are looks cozy in Living Room, Lobby Area, Bathroom, Wall Cladding.
ROYAL DIANA– Royal Diana is beige color marble with thin & thick brown veins pattern. This is one of the most popular Italian marble for flooring in India. Royal Diana Marble is available in 15mm to 18 mm thickness.
USES- Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Entrance area.
STATUARIO MARBLE-Statuario is a stone with maximum white color & grey veins. This is one of the most beautiful marble in white color. If you want to give unique pattern on your floor then statuario is the option. It adds brightness in your room.
USES- Living Room, Kitchen, Reception, Bedroom, Lobby Area.
ROSSO VERONA- The Rosso Verona marble is a red stone with unique brown veins. This rock is perfect for indoor flooring. Rosso Verona is an Italian Marble with red color, which is imported in from Italy and also called as Verona Red Marble.
The Rosso Verona marble slabs are looks elegant in Bathroom, Lift Area, Reception Area, Wall Cladding.
8.Which marble is better for flooring, Italian perlato or Katni marble?
Perlato is an Italian Marble. Italian Marble has unique texture and designs with shine. Italian Marble generally comes from Italy and Spain.
Katni Marble Is an Indian Marble. Indian marble also have the different texture and designs. It is the closet match of Italian Marble.
Both Indian and Italian marble is use for flooring. It is very easy to work with both marble, both have their own different features.
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