Bhandari Marble Group is the best and oldest company in this field.

Which is the oldest and best marble company?
In the field of marble here so many company that deal in best qualitative marble which you find only in Rajasthan Kishangarh. Kishangarh marble mandi is the Asia number 1 marble mandi. With the house marble company every person who wants to purchase marble having same question that is which marble company is old and best for purchasing Marble.
Bhandari Marble Group is the best and oldest company in this field. We are in this filed from since 1631 with all white marble collection. In 1631 we started our business with white Sangemarmar, which is the pure white marble used for construction of Taj Mahal, which one of the famous wonder of world.
We at Bhandari Marble Group always working with efficiency and perfection. We deal in both Indian Marble as well as Italian Marble. As we already told you that in the field of Indian marble we come with Taj Mahal construction in since 1631 and in Italian Marble we come in 1969.
We have both quality marble Indian and Italian. In Indian marble we have collection of white and other multi color. Italian marble we have in different color and shade.
Why Bhandari Marble Group is better from all other marble company?
As we are in this field from so many years .We have the best experience purchasing team who purchase the best blocks of marble from the best quarry of globe after that receiving the block our best marker person check the quality of blocks and send them for the processing.
Our team for processing of blocks set the blocks with pure perfection and processes them with the help of machine. We have full technical team who handle all these work and give us the best slab. So that is why Bhandari Marble Group is the better than the other companies.
Bhandari Marble Group gives you all those quality material which you want for your home to make it more beautiful and precious. We have more than 500 hundred colors of Indian and Italian Marble in our stock yard which attracts customers towards them. So we suggest you check every one but choose only Bhandari Marble Group.
Which is better BhandariMarbleGroup Italian marble or BhandariMarbleGroup Indian marble?
Both are perfect at their places either you can choose Indian Marble or you can choose Italian Marble also. Every person have their own choice of center some like Indian or some other like Italian and as per the different choices of customer we grab the all best collection of Indian and Italian marble for you.
Indian marble is heat resistant and less water consumable and also easy for installation but it has some minus points also like very less chances of durability and also few color choices.
Italian Marble in compare to Indian Marble less heat resistant and high water consumable and it take too much time for installation. Italian Marble having so many colors which is not available in other marbles. Italian Marble no need of any kind finishes or polishes. Indian Marble and Italian Marble both are perfect and we are dealing in both kinds of marbles because the consumer wants some time Indian Marble or some time Italian Marble.
Which market is better to get marble for home flooring, BhandariMarbleGroup Kishangarh or Makrana?
Kishangarh Marble mandi is the Asia’s biggest marble mandi, where you find the more than 1000 marble companies who deal in Indian and Italian marble only. If you are searching of marble for your home than you have to go only with Kishangarh. Makrana is not a good place for marble now days. In few days ago Makrana was the king of white marble but now days that place is not safe for the customers that’s why all the marble you want to purchase go only with Kishangarh Marble mandi here you find Bhandari Marble Group.
Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest company who deals in Indian and Italian Marble. We have best quality of Indian and Italian Marble with us for our customer who dreams for a healthy and beautiful home. Bhandari Marble Group is placed in Rajasthan Kishangarh near Makrana Road, RIICO Industrial area, Kishangarh they have very well mannered and trend sales person who attend the customer properly and show them the material properly.
What are the marble prices in BhandariMarbleGroup?
Bhandari Marble Group is dealing in all kinds of marble either it is Italian or Indian. At Bhandari Marble Group you will find very reasonable rates of material. We have all colors of Indian Marble which is starting from rupees 30 to 150 and for Italian Marble starting from rupees 150 to 500 and up to rupees 500.
How do I select the right BhandariMarbleGroup marble for my home?
Bhandari Marble Group is the very old and reputed company of Marble mandi Kishangarh. Whenever you want to purchase material from Bhandari Marble Group you just do one thing you need to call us at +91-96729-41111 here you find the perfect guide from our side who guide you to reaching us also the person will answer your all quarries related to the material for which you put the quarry and also clear your ups and down related to the place or material.
You can search us on Google map by the name of Bhandari Marble Group or for more you can visit us on .
Which marble is better for flooring BhandariMarbleGroup Italian perlato or BhandariMarbleGroup Katni marble?
It’s depends on the choice of particular person weather he is going with Italian marble or with Indian marble. If the person going with Italian marble than for him Perlato is perfect choice. This marble is come in beige color with some light texture all over it which makes your home more beautiful and more elegance and if the person likes Indian marble than for this we have so many colors and also more verities in white color. Katni although a good choice for every home flooring if the person having choice of Indian Marble. Katni is come in different colors like red, pink and beige also. We at Bhandari Marble Group having all collection of Indian and Italian marble.
I have to construct a new home. Which is better for flooring, BhandariMarbleGroup marble, BhandariMarbleGroup granite, or BhandariMarbleGroup tiles?
Some time our customer confused that what they should use in their new home construction either they go with marble, granite or tiles, so here we have the perfect solution for them, for flooring they can choose marble either it can be Indian or can be Italian, for staircases and kitchen countertop they can choose granite and for bathroom decoration they can go with marble tiles.
Bhandari Marble Group also provides the tiles and granite to their customer. We can customize Marble tiles of you people. We are only dealing in Marble tiles not in ceramic tiles it is harmful for our customer just because it contain so many chemicals with it which getting harm to our consumer which we don’t want.
Granite we have starting from rupees 50 to 250 and tiles in white color of Indian Marble will be starting from rupees 15 and if you want Italian marble tiles we can customize as per.
What does Google know about BhandariMarbleGroup?
As we all know Google have every kind of information of everything and of every person. As we are the oldest player of marble field means we have many records in our business and all Google have in it record. If you want to know about our self than you just need to click on Google and search Top 10 companies in World where find Bhandari Marble Group. We are proud to be listed in 5 Star ranking by Just Dial.
How much does BhandariMarbleGroup granite flooring cost in India?
Granite generally started from rupees 50 to last 250.In granite we at Bhandari Marble Group collection of more than 200 colors which perfect for every kind of home. You can use these granites for flooring, countertop or for staircases. We at Bhandari Marble Group having huge verities of granite which is perfect for every type of house.
What is better BhandariMarbleGroup marble flooring or BhandariMarbleGroup granite flooring?
Bhandari Marble Group has both marble and granite as per requirement of customer. We have huge quantity of marble and granite also. If you are searching for marble then Bhandari Marble Group is perfect place for you. For home flooring we always suggest you marble but if furnishing residential area flooring, school flooring, and restaurant flooring then granite are perfect.

Which is better between BhandariMarbleGroup white marble or colour marbles?
Bhandari Marble Group is dealing in all kind of marble weather it is white or color. It is the choice of customer what should they choose, some time customer go with white just because it look so elegant and simply awesome and it also does not need any kind of other decoration. It just complete in itself.
Is BhandariMarbleGroup marble is good or BhandariMarbleGroup tiles are good for flooring?
Bhandari Marble Group having both marble tiles and marble. We always suggest our customer that chooses only natural things because it good for health and only for that we make tiles with marble never go with ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are made with chemical and marble tiles are made with marble. We customize the tiles as per our customer requirement. Bhandari Marble Group have the huge collection of tiles and marble in their stockyard.
What are the pros and cons of marble flooring?
Marble is the gift which is given by the nature to the nature. It consist many pros and cons as per.
Marble flooring is best as comparison of tiles because tiles are harmful but marble is safe. Marble have so many chances of scratches and if we don’t care of marble flooring well it loose it polish and shine also. Marble flooring need so much care and cur