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The Pioneer Group of Katni Marble

Bhandari Marble Group Is The Pioneer Group of Katni Marble

Katni Marble is in great demand as it is a perfect choice for interiors and exteriors and decoration of home villa, hotel and projects. Katni Marble is a natural stone and Bhandari marble group supply all around the World.

Bhandari Marble Group , India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh 305801is the largest manufacturing supplier of Katni marble in India Rajasthan Kishangarh and here you will get best quality of Katni marble and Indian marble. Kishangarh Ajmer district of Rajasthan, India. Katni marble is one of the best quality marble available in terms of strength and resistance to corrosion. The average price range for Katni marble is Rs 40 to Rs 75 per sq. feet and it is used for various purposes.
It comes in beautiful designs and has a unique shine and glace. It has a unique beige color and happens to be in great demand both in Indian and international market.
Some of the other colors in which Katni marble is available are light green and light shades of purple.

Katni Marble Uses

This variety of marble is used for various purposes and it is widely used for making floors. It is also used for wall claddings, designs and borders, handicrafts. It can be placed it kitchens, bathrooms and any other rooms, lobby parking, temples and many more. It is used for both residential and commercial purposes.
o Long Life
o Best Quality
o Oldest Marble
o Different Colours
o Reasonable Price

Long Life

Katni Marbles have guaranteed long life. Katni Marble Suppliers provide you with that marble which lasts for more than a century. This is proved by the marbles which are used in making the monuments and are still in excellent condition unlike the modern polished ones.

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Kishangarh (305801)
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Bhandari Marble Group-About Us
Bhandari marble group’s Katni Marble is very good looking Marble. It is Indian Beige Marble which looks like Italian Beige Marble but in very reasonable Price Range. This is one of the most demandable marble around the World and supply by Bhandari marble group, India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh, 305801. Katni Marble could be regarded as the perfect choice of the costumers and adds beauty to their home villa, Hotel and projected stunningly. Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble practically verified by the buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches and monuments in India.
Bhandari Marble Group in India Rajasthan
Kishangarh is Asia’s Largest Marble Supplier. More than many million ton Marble sellers are available here at one place. In Kishangarh, there are Bhandari marble group the pioneer group of marble Gangsaw established which are manufacturing marble slabs & tiles.
Katni Marble-by Bhandari Marble Group
Katni Marble can be used for flooring, wall cladding, front elevations, borders & other designing purpose.
Katni Marble can be placed in Dinning spaces, Bedrooms, bathrooms, lobby’s & many other places and bring attractiveness over there. Katni Marble is widely demanded in Personal Homes as well as Commercial Projects.
If you have any question in your mind then please ask us. We will definitely give you a better reply. Some of the common question asked by the costumers with their perfect replies are as under:

 What is Katni Marble?

Bhandari Marble Group Katni Marble is Very good looking Marble. it is Indian Marble which look like Italian Marble but in very Cheap Price Range .
This is one of the most demandable products in Indian and International Markets. Katni Marble could be regarded as the perfect choice of the costumers and adds beauty to their home stunningly.
 Beige Katni Marble
 Green Katni Marble
 Pink Katni Marble
 Wonder Katni Marble
 White Katni Marble
 Light Katni Marble
 Premium Katni Marble
 Best Katni Marble

 Which sizes are available in Katni Marble?
Answer:- Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble available in various sizes but the average size of marble slab is 5 × 3 Sq.ft. Other sizes will be available as per the customized orders of customer.

 Which marble flooring patterns are available in Katni Marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble is a natural stone , so that various marble flooring patterns can be used .

 What is the prize range of Katni Marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni Marble is starting from 40 Rs. per sq. feet up to 75 Rs. per sq. feet. For Details please give your email id. We will send you complete details regarding price list with photos and flooring designs.
Prize depends on Katni marble quality and sizes. If you will purchase Katni marble tiles then that will cost you cheap.

 Is figure designs are available in Katni marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble many designs are available.

 After fitting of Katni marble, how much time polish is require again on Katni Marble?

Answer:- Bhandari marble group most probably no need of many years, polish is require on Katni marble.

 What is the life of Katni Marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble is basically a very good product. If you will use it once. No

*Bhandari Marble Group

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