Iris Grey Granite

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Best Marble In Kishangarh

SINCE 1631
Italian Marbles
These marble raw stones are imported from the Italy in India and has high demand around the world. Most famous type of Italian marble is Carrara, Calacatta , Statuario, Bottocino , Perlato, Dyna and beige marble and many more.
At BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP our goal is your total satisfaction with our products and services. From classic to contemporary, our exacting quality standards and rich selection of colors, textures and finishes help bring your distinctive designs to life with the natural beauty, durability and elegance only natural stones can provide.
1.What is the difference between Indian marble and Italian marble?
The difference in simple words is that Indian Marble is a hard, usually highly polished stone, whereas Italian Marble is a type of marble stone discovered in Italy and it does not require more efforts or polishing. Italian Marble is costlier than Indian Marble. Indian Marble comes from North India quarries in Rajasthan and Gujarat, Italian Marble quarried and processing in Italy.
Bhandari Marble Group is one of them who is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter also.
2.Who is the best Italian marble Supplier?
Bhandari marble group is best Italian marble suppliers which provide latest marble slabs with best quality and best rates .Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest and largest marble supplier in India since 1969.
3.Which is top Italian marble for flooring?
There are top 5 Italian marble flooring in India which Bhandari Marble Group supply with best quality
1. Bottocino Classic
The marble Bottocino has a natural beige color with unique brown veins. Perfect for outdoor flooring and wall cladding. This marble is quarried in Bottocino town so the name Bottocino comes from the place.
Sizes :Random Slabs sizes of 3’6″ x 7’0″ , 4’0″ x 8’0″ , 3’0″ x 6’0″
Thickness : 18mm to 20 mm thickness.
Uses: Living Room, Hotel Lobby, Lounges, Counter-tops, Bathrooms
2. Grey William
Grey William is a marble with full grey & whitish veins, which is imported from Italy and Turkey.
Sizes :Random Slabs sizes of 3’6″ x 7’0″ , 4’0″ x 8’0″
Thickness : 18mm to 20 mm thickness.
Uses: Living Room, Lobby Area, Bathroom, Wall Cladding.
3. Royal Diana
Royal Diana is beige color marble with thin & thick brown veins pattern. This is one of the most popular Italian marble for flooring in India.
Sizes : Random Slabs sizes of 3’6″ x 7’0″ , 4’0″ x 8’0″ , 3’0″ x 6’0″
Thickness: 18mm to 20 mm.
Uses : Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Entrance area.
4. Statuario
Statuario is a stone with maximum white color & grey veins. This is one of the most beautiful marble in white color. If you want to give unique pattern on your floor then statuario is the option. It adds brightness in your room.
Sizes: Random Slabs sizes of 4’0″x 9’0″ , 3’6″ x 7’0″ , 4’0″ x 8’0″
Thickness: 18mm to 20 mm.
Uses: Living Room, Kitchen, Reception, Bedroom, Lobby Area.
5. Rosso Verona
The Rosso Verona marble is a red stone with unique brown veins. This rock is perfect for indoor flooring. Rosso Verona is an Italian Marble with red color, which is imported in from Italy and also called as Verona Red Marble.
Sizes: Random Slabs sizes of 4’0″x 9’0″ , 3’6″ x 7’0″ , 4’0″ x 8’0″
Thickness: 18 mm to 20mm
Uses: Living Room, Bed Room, Elevation Etc.
4.How is Carrara Marble for flooring?
Carrara marble is a type of white or blue grey marble popular for use in sculpture and building décor.It is quarried in the city of carrara in the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana, the northernmost tip of modern-day Tuscany, Italy. Carrara marble, such as their white coloring with gray veining, they have several distinct characteristics that set them apart.
5.What are the uses of Carrara Marble?
The beauty of the marble makes it an exceptional material. The marble, in these fields, is used to produce many objects: vases, flowerpots, lamps, tables, kitchen tops, storage compartments and many more. Where we can use Carrara marble
• Residential
• Commercial
• Living Room
• Kitchen
• Staris
6.How is Calacatta Marble for flooring?
Calacatta Marble is distinctive with its thick, bold veining. Rather than the plentiful soft veins of a marble like Carrara, Calacatta’s hallmark is fewer but more dramatic and unstructured veins. Calacatta marble is generally white with dark veining in large, thick patterns. Calacatta marble is also best option for flooring, it give a very royal look to your home and interior.
7.What are the uses of Calacatta Marble?
Calacatta Marble is also a common choice for its modern appeal and for the attractive patterns that will continue to emerge each time you look at it. Calacatta Marble slabs and tiles are recommended for a variety of indoor.
• Kitchen Countertop
• Corporate Office
• Bathroom
• Backsplash
8.What size of Italian marble available at Bhandari marble group?
Italian Marble is available in different – different sizes with best quality.Italian marble is available in Random Slabs size of 3’6″ x 7’0″ , 4’0″ x 8’0″ at Bhandari Marble Group, We can also customize the sizes of slabs according to the customer requirement.
9.What is the thickness of Italian marble in Bhandari Marble Group?
At Bhandari Marble Group Italian Marble is available in all types of thickness. Italian marble is available in 16mm to 20 mm thickness at Bhandari Marble Group, We can also customise every thickness of Italian marble according to the customer need.
10.Where you can use Italian marble?
Marble Is A Natural Product Which Comes In Beautiful Designs And Figures. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP’S Marble Is Easy to Fit and Adds Tremendous Beauty to Your Interiors. The Italian marble slabs are looks elegant.
• Bathroom
• Lift Area
• Reception Area
• Wall Cladding
• Residential Purpose
• Commercial Purpose
11. What is the Price of Italian Marble?
Italian Marble is widely famous for its high and long lasting luster. Italian Marbles is very rich looking. The price of marble is vary with its type, design, pattern and origin. Price of Italian Marble start from 150rs per sqft and above.
Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest and largest manufacture, supplier and exporter of marble, Italian Marble, Indian Marble, Imported marble, granite, sandstone, Limestone and Natural stone. Experience more than 500 varieties and color of Marble, Granite and Natural Stone. over 387 years experience. Best imported quality marble , granite and natural stones.
CONTACT US : +91-9672941111/ +91-9829040013

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There are several varieties of black granite slabs available with absolute black and black pearl being among the most common. Absolute black granite is jet black and consistent with its color
Polished Black Granite– Black Granite 100% Export Oriented Unit Available With Us
There are several types of black color granite in India. The basic difference is two factors. Background of the material. In the construction industry, black rocks that share the hardness and strength of granitic rocks are known as black granite. In geological terms black granite might be gabbros, diabase, basalt, diorite, norite, or anorthosite.
Available Surface Finish
Flamed, Polished, Honed, Bush Hammered
Available Thickness
25 mm, 15-20 mm, 20-25 mm, 10-15 mm
We are presenting some unique features of Black Granite which helps you more to know about the product.
• Introduction
• Price List
• Colour
• Features and Application of Granite
Granite is a hard, Granular, indigenous and crystalline rock mainly consisting the minerals Mica, quartz and Feldspar. It is widely used for the Building Construction. It can be used for both interior and exterior. It Consists 20% to 60% quartz and 35% of total feldspar by volume.
The Range of Granite Which Is Available With Us At Our Exclusive Stock Yard
• Premium Rajasthan Black Granite Rs 80/square feet
• Black Galaxy Granite Rs 190/square feet
• Black Pearl Granite Rs 450/square feet
• Black Granite Leather Finish Rs 150/square feet
• Telephone Black Granite Rs 180/square feet
• Green Pearl Granite Rs 200/square feet
• Black Green Granite Rs 125/square feet
• Pearl White Granite Rs 70/square feet
• White Galaxy Granite Rs 200/square feet
• Madurai Gold Granite Rs 175/square feet
• Tan Brown Granite Rs 100/square feet
• Indian Juparana Granite Rs 150/square feet
• Cats Eye Granite Rs 105/square feet
• Golden Garnet Granite Rs 180/square feet
• Rosy Pink Granite Rs 65/square feet
• Tiger Skin Granite Rs 65/square feet
• Sindoori Red Granite Rs 150/square feet
• Imperial Red Granite Rs 150/square feet
• Lakha Red Granite Rs 190/square feet
• Red Galaxy Granite 300 /-Square Feet
• Red Pearl Granite 105 /-Square Feet
• Black Galaxy Golden Star Granite 200 /-Square Feet
• Black Galaxy White Star Granite 180 /-Square Feet
• Absolute Black Granite 200 /-Square Feet
• River Black Granite 120 /-Square Feet
• Black Marquino Granite 120 /-Square Feet
• Majestic black granite 78 /-Square Feet
• Ruby Black Granite 80/-Square Feet
• Conch Black Granite 85 /-Square Feet
• Black Albena Granite 120 /-Square Feet
• Alaska White Granite 180 /-Square Feet
• Colonial White Granite 175 /-Square Feet
• American White Granite 170 /-Square Feet
• Monaco White Wave Granite 175 /-Square Feet
• Viscon White Granite 200 /-Square Feet
• Sahara White Granite 115 /-Square Feet
• Alaska Gold Granite 230 /-Square Feet
• Volga Gold Granite 175 /-Square Feet
• Volga Beige Granite 180 /-Square Feet
• Gold Dunes Granite 190 /-Square Feet
• Crema Nova Granite 230 /-Square Feet
• Corona pink granite 78 /-Square Feet
• Iris Grey Granite 220 /-Square Feet
• Black Milano Granite 100 /-Square Feet
• Alaska Grey Granite 160 /-Square Feet
• Crystal Blue Granite 88 /-Square Feet
• Copper Silk Granite 100 /-Square Feet
• Grey Milano Granite 85 /-Square Feet
• Ocean Grey Granite 130 /-Square Feet
• Tiger Skin Wave Granite 90 /-Square Feet
• Kuta Brown Granite 90 /-Square Feet
• New Tan Brown Granite 105 /-Square Feet
• Atlantic Brown Granite 110 /-Square Feet
• Caramel Brown Granite 150 /-Square Feet
• Cobbles Brown Granite 95 /-Square Feet
• Cobbles Blue Granite 88 /-Square Feet
• Brown Lappato Granite 105 /-Square Feet
• Black Lappato Granite 120 /-Square Feet
• Cobbles Lappato Granite 130 /-Square Feet
These Granites Always Increase The Beauty of Your Interior As Well As You Can Use Them To Increase The Beauty Of Exterior.
Granite is a preferred building material for modern architecture because of its some physical properties. It can be used for the multipurpose applications. It is commonly being for both exterior and interior. It is primarily used off for Counter top in kitchen and Bathrooms. It can be also used for flooring and wall decoration. It has rich colour and texture variety that it is the hardest and artistic construction material. Due to the fact that granite can be cleaned easily it is the most useful and hygienic material to use in exterior and interior spaces. Polished granite surfaces are also used for the Engineering works. This hard stone is also used for the memorials and Sculpture.
Features of Granite
Granite is popular in the world of Building construction because of its Texture, colour, hardness and durability. All types have common Granular texture. These comes in various colours like white, Grey, Black, Green and many other colour, It cannot be without texture and pattern on it. After chiseling and polishing it can be used for commercial purpose.
Colour of Granite
Chemical composition of Granite usually provides Red, Pink, grey, White, Black and other dark colour. Colour of this stone also depends on the reason of origin of rock and Participating Granular element in it.
You Can Also Use Granite As
Granite Tiles
We are the best in this market for offering the wide array of Z Black Granite Slabs for our precised clients with in short duration of time with assured superb quality. We are the leading manufacturer. This stone is mid-range granite. A 3cm thick slab of black pearl granite will cost you roughly $40 to $50 per square foot. A 2cm thick will cost roughly $25 to $35 per square foot. The great thing about this stone is that it has so many different uses.
Absolute Black granite is solid black granite from India that has a very consistent color and texture. Absolute Black is recommended for both interior and exterior use to create beautiful granite countertops, floors, architectural features, and outdoor cladding
Black Galaxy granite is mostly black granite with small gold or white flecks. Black galaxy granite is available in a number of finishes including polished and honed and available in both slabs and tiles. Black granite is natural stone comes with its unique black color & veins in every slab.
Black Granite Countertops Prices
Black granite is highly popular, and prices vary based on the particular type of slab. Some stones cost as little as $20 per square foot and others are as expensive as $70 per square foot
Expect granite countertop prices to range between $45 and $200 per square foot, including installation. One way to cut down on granite countertops’ price is to opt for a thinner slab—
Granite like the one above the primary mineral is potassium feldspar. The above granite appears to have equal parts quartz, feldspar, and amphibole, making speckled black and white granite. This is one of the most common types of granite and one that is most commonly seen used for granite countertops
The pure Black Granites and natural textures of the Black Granites make it more appealing for kitchen flooring purpose. At our unit, the marbles are cut with advance machines and latest techniques to meet our customer’s requirements. These marbles are available in polished as well as in unpolished form at our showroom.

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