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Marble is beauty and beauty is marble. Both are complementary to each other. Marble has been a great natural stone product for many decades in all part of the universe. The value and importance of this stone can be perceived in numerous marble buildings that still stand tall. Physical and chemical properties of marble make it a clear winner among natural stone types available in the markets around. Homeowners thinking of having a designer kitchen or home can opt for marble products to induce a big difference. For having something that can take things to the next level, render priority to a fantasy brown marble that steals the show innately.

Fantasy brown marble – An introduction:

With a high variation, fantasy brown marble stone product gives a new meaning to exquisiteness. The thing that makes this stone first choice of all is its stunning flowing pattern that includes tones of pewter, apricot and chestnut. Wearing an off-white and brown shade, this stone stuns with cool grey waves, and twirls mounted on the surface. Moreover, mineral formation is responsible for enhancing the dull tones of green and rose. These features candidly contribute to exploring uniqueness the stone product.
As far as the application of universally popular brown marble product is considered, it is widely used in wall tiles, floor tiles, counter tops, bar tops, stairs, water walls, interior wall panels, and fountains. Following are some of the concrete facts of fantasy brown marble stone product.

Quick facts on Fantasy Brown:
• Real name: Fantasy brown marble
• Color: Brown
• Destination of origin: Paloda, Banswara district, Rajasthan, India
• Recommended Usage: Commercial and domestic structures
• Finishing Surface: Polished, lepatora, honed, sandblasted, antique (sandblasted + brushed), bush hammered, bush hammered + brushed, and leather finish
• Additional Names: India fantasy brown, glacier sands marble, brown fantasy quartzite, aurora fantasy marble, and fantasy brown India marble.

Availability of brown marble stone types and sizes for B2B and B2C buyers:

The glistening marble tiles, slabs, and other materials you see installed on floors and walls in rooms, kitchen, and baths come to buyers in a finished form. These marble products are offered to buyers only after a modern marble factory or processing unit gives them a unique look through various marble finishing processes. After being extracted from quarries, fine natural marble becomes a distinctive one and looks elegant. In India, all B2B and B2C marble buyers can have an assortment of marble products that are superb for creating splendid accent walls, floors, showers, etc.
It is known that colorful marble products are found in all residential and commercial structures for their superb beauty features and functional aspects. Indian marble suppliers offer three different quality stone types at a highly competitive price tag. Following are some of the popular and standard sizes of the Indian royal stone product.
• Marble tile sizes – 30 x 30, 60 x 30, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90 cm with width thickness 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm or 6 cm and all custom sizes.
• Marble slab sizes – Gangsaw slabs 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm and cutter slabs 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm and all custom sizes,
• Marble vanity tops sizes – On demand and is available in all sizes, types and finishes.
• Marble countertops sizes – On demand and is available in all sizes, types and finishes.

Whether you are searching for fantasy brown countertop or tile products ensuring high quality and a bulk quantity, a certified and professional Indian marble supplier can make a big difference.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is an integral part of the Kishangarh marble market. We have been providing Stones of India
The Indian stone industry has evolved into the production and manufacturing of blocks, flooring slabs, structural slabs, monuments, tomb stones, sculptures, cobbles, pebbles and landscape garden stones.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP’s tradition of stones dated back to the construction of the TAJ MAHAL where our marble has been used. The wonder continues to be beautiful as ever which proves the excellent quality of marble and stone by us.

India has a remarkable variety of natural stones that include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, spread out all over the country. India is also amongst the largest producer of raw stone material, with superior quality, low prices and the most advanced technology for quarrying and processing of stone.

We are DELIGHTED to offer an exclusive range of MARBLE STONES GRANITE. It’s your chance to recreate with Bhandari Marble Group. Our services are also available online.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been rated the 5 star MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONES Company by JUST DIAL and Google review.
We topped all other World marble companies with respect to Customer Satisfaction.
Our brand continues to resonate is evident from the fact that BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been rated the best company in terms of customer satisfaction.
We topped all other World marble companies in respect of the best Customers satisfy, product reviews portals. We topped in quality, website, after sales service, on time delivery, packing, R & D, finishing, polishing, etc.

Bhandari Marbles offers a filtered selection that will reduce the risks of selecting a wrong product. We will be able to cater to all your concerns, be it budget or quality or something selective like a unique product.
Kishangarh Marble Market has now become Asia’s Biggest Marble Mandi (Market). Here More Than 9000 Marble sellers, suppliers, Manufacturers and exporters/ importers are at one place.
We are one of them. You will get full variety of Indian Marbles, Italian Marbles, Granite, sandstone and Lime stone at best price. Marble is a transformative stone made out of calcite. Due to its structure, marble can take a high clean and is an extremely prominent brightening stone for compositional and sculptural purposes.
Indian Marble itself can be of two types, one made out of calcite and the other of dolomite. The shade of marble ranges from the splendid white of calcite to dark, including blue-gray, red, yellow and green, contingent on the mineral composition.

Typical uses:
Marble has numerous decorative and auxiliary employments. It is utilized for outdoor sculptures and additionally for form bases; in architecture it is utilized as a part of outside dividers and finishes, flooring, decorative features, stairways and walkways.
Popular types of Indian marble:
It comes in an astonishing array of colors such as white, pink, yellow, green, red and black.

Do you want to buy natural stone slabs or genuine Italian marble? You have come to the stone professionals. On our website, you can purchase natural stone from the manufacturer. What’s more, you do not have to worry about the structure or colouring of the desired stone. Our qualified specialists will assist you in selecting the most suitable product, whether tiles or slabs. They will provide you with all the technical information you need based on the characteristics of the product and the intended use in the environment that you need to plan. Buying natural stone from the manufacturer means having a high quality product whilst saving time and money.

On our website, you can purchase marble from the manufacturer quickly and easily. Before placing an order, please contact our specialists. They will assist you in selecting the finish and colour of the stone based on the intended use and the style of the environment.

If you are looking to install natural stone in your new home, Contact us at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP and we would make your task easy and hassle-free. We also offer door step delivery where it is ensured that the best quality products reach you.

We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been a reliable partner for all your MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE requirements since the year 1631. Decades of experience in the marble industry has made us what we are and we remain grateful to you for contributing to our success.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has exclusive relationships with some of world’s most renowned Architects, Interior designers, Builders, Developers from all around the globe.
From homes or villas, to hotels, we cater to all types of requirements.
For more information, follow our Facebook and Instagram.

You can also contact us on:
Since 1631

TO KNOW MORE, CALL US AT +91-9672941111/9116341111

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White Marble Stone Perfect for Elegant Interiors

White Marble Stone Perfect for Elegant Interiors by Bhandari Marble Group

Exclusive Makrana White Marble by Bhandari Marble Group
Makrana white marble is the excellent quality White marble mined in Makrana by Bhandari Marble India, Rajasthan, and Kishangarh India’s two most iconic monuments “Tajmahal and Victoria Memorial” is constructed using this precious stone. It is most commonly used for the decorative purpose in corporate offices, houses, hotels, Restaurants and skyscrapers. These are very strong, hard and diaphanous.
One of the most impotent qualities of Makrana White Marble is resistant to water seepage, because it contains 98 percentage of calcium carbonate 2 percent of impurities. Makrana Marble quarry are oldest one in India. After mining, these Marble stones are only used in cutting and chiseling. No other chemical treatments are applied on these.
According to the level of impurities, Makrana Marbles has different shades like pure white, white with grey shades and white with pink shades. It has very long lasting Shine and color.
Due to its huge demand Makrana White Marbles is exported from India to the European countries, Persian Gulf countries, and Canada, Russia, and Southeast Asian countries. Makrana White Marble: This is the most common type Calacatta stone of white color used for building construction and sculpture.
• Approx Price : 400 / Square Feet
• Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square Feet
• GST 18% and Delivery charges extra.
• 5% Off

Product Details:

• Makrana White Marble is the best quality marble. Basically a calcite stone, Makrana Marble is durable and becomes shinier with time and usage. Tajmahal, Dilwara Temples and many other historical monuments are made of Makrana. It originates and produced in Rajasthan, India.
• Makrana White Marble is widely used for flooring due to its striking white appearance. It has smooth and shiny finish. It can be also used for the wall cladding. Makrana Marbles are long lasting and highly durable. These marble require no chemical treatment.

• Bhandari Marble Group Kishangarh is a leading Producer and exporter of Makrana White Marble Slabs and Tiles. Check out our price for this marble.
Makrana marble was used in the construction of the Taj Mahal.
Makrana marble is a type of white marble of high quality,[citation needed] popular for use in sculpture and building decor. It is mined in the town of Makrana in Rajasthan, India, and was used in the construction of several iconic monuments such as the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. The Makrana Marble is considered as GLOBAL HERITAGE STONE BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP.

Indian White Marble by Bhandari Marble Group
The pioneer group of Indian marble, White marble, Indian white marble, Makrana marble + White marble= Makrana white marble
• Expert Quality White Marble By Bhandari Marble Group
• White Marble +Indian Granite=Bhandari marble granite group
• White Marble +Sandstone=Bhandari marble stone
• Best Quality White Marble=Bhandari marble group best quality white marble

Quality Standards-Bhandari Marble Group

Keeping all quality industrial recommended quality parameters and standards as our prime focus, we manufacture our entire range of products. For quality approved delivery of products.
Our Infrastructure-Bhandari Marble Group
Since the commencement of our corporation, Bhandari Marble Group has strong and well-equipped infrastructure Supplies export white marble Makrana, Kishangarh, and Rajasthan, India. Bhandari marble group infrastructure unit is fully supported by our skilled and experienced professionals team stone expert, fitting polish and design expert, 360 degree finish polish etc.
Makrana White Marble by Bhandari Marble Group
We are a renowned manufacturer, Supplier, exporter and wholesaler of Makrana white marble. Our range includes white Marble, Makrana marble, Granite, Sandstone and Marble Handicrafts. These products are procured from reliable vendors, which design these in compliance.

Bhandari Marble Group -Our Team

We are supported by dedicated and talented professionals, which have the vast knowledge of this domain. These are employed by our senior managers after testing them on their qualification and experience.

Which is the best marble?

Is one of the hottest trends on the market for homeowners? If you want a gorgeous, classical and elegant finish for your floor, marble Bhandari Marble Group Makrana white marble makes an excellent choice. A marble floor is extremely hard and more durable than tiles.

Which marble is best for flooring?

Bhandari Marble Group Makrana white marble in Indian Marble and Statistics marble in Italian marble Vitamin white marble in
For more details visit our website or contact us

Kishangarh (305801)
Contact us: – +91 9829040013/9672941111

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Indian Marble Is Best Marble

How Many Types of Marble Are There?
Marble comes in a variety of colors and many have different qualities, such as the amount of veining, etc. This being said, there are 500 main kinds of marble available at Bhandari marble group that are widely used or regarded in the world. These five hundred kinds are Indian marble, Katni marble, Morwad marble, White marble, Banswara marble, Wonder marble, rainforest marble, Teak marble, green marble, yellow marble, pink marble, onyx marble, Toronto marble, Sawar marble, Italian marble, Carrara, Statuary, Calacatta, Emperador, Crema Marfil, Imported marble etc.

What Is Katni Marble, Wonder White Marble and Banswara Marble?

Katni marble, Wonder White marble and Banswara Marble are type of Indian marble by Bhandari marble group, Katni marble, Wonder white marble and Banswara Marble is famous for its shine and quality. It has shiny surface with black or purple lines which gives it a unique look. Mainly Katni marble, wonder white marble and Banswara Marble is available at Bhandari marble group, India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh, 305801.

What are Katni Marble, Makrana Marble and Dungri Marble?

Katni marble, Makrana marble and Dungri Marble is the most common types of Marble. It adds beauty to the flooring and is and very famous product in the Marble market. These types of marbles is in heavy demand by customers from all over the world for their unique qualities like heat resistance and stylish appearance supply by Bhandari marble group,
India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh 305801

Katni Marble Manufacturer and supplier from India, Rajasthan Kishangarh – Bhandari marble group
Katni marble from Kishangarh, Supplier, Exporter
Manufacturer of Katni Marble – 500 types of Green Katni Marble, Katni Beige Marble, Katni Aqua Marble and Katni Premium Marble offer
Marble Type: Indian Katni Marble
Color: Beige
Origin: India

Which type of Indian Marble is best?

For those looking to add best marble flooring like Bhandari marble group’s Makrana marble, Katni marble, Wonder white marble , Banswara marble and Onyx Indian marble supply by Bhandari Marble Group

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The Pioneer Group of Katni Marble

Bhandari Marble Group Is The Pioneer Group of Katni Marble

Katni Marble is in great demand as it is a perfect choice for interiors and exteriors and decoration of home villa, hotel and projects. Katni Marble is a natural stone and Bhandari marble group supply all around the World.

Bhandari Marble Group , India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh 305801is the largest manufacturing supplier of Katni marble in India Rajasthan Kishangarh and here you will get best quality of Katni marble and Indian marble. Kishangarh Ajmer district of Rajasthan, India. Katni marble is one of the best quality marble available in terms of strength and resistance to corrosion. The average price range for Katni marble is Rs 40 to Rs 75 per sq. feet and it is used for various purposes.
It comes in beautiful designs and has a unique shine and glace. It has a unique beige color and happens to be in great demand both in Indian and international market.
Some of the other colors in which Katni marble is available are light green and light shades of purple.

Katni Marble Uses

This variety of marble is used for various purposes and it is widely used for making floors. It is also used for wall claddings, designs and borders, handicrafts. It can be placed it kitchens, bathrooms and any other rooms, lobby parking, temples and many more. It is used for both residential and commercial purposes.
o Long Life
o Best Quality
o Oldest Marble
o Different Colours
o Reasonable Price

Long Life

Katni Marbles have guaranteed long life. Katni Marble Suppliers provide you with that marble which lasts for more than a century. This is proved by the marbles which are used in making the monuments and are still in excellent condition unlike the modern polished ones.

o Why Choose Us?
We can help connect to the distributors.
We can help connect to the dealers and manufacturers.
Online platform for everyone in Bhandari Marble Group.

Bhandari Marble Group deals with different variety of marbles.
Bhandari Marble Group offers you details about prices.
Perfect platform for people looking for any details regarding marble.
You will also find details about various designing ideas here.
We also help you to compare prices visit our website or our marble stone studio.

Kishangarh (305801)
Contact us:- +91 9829040013/9672941111

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Bhandari Marble Group-About Us
Bhandari marble group’s Katni Marble is very good looking Marble. It is Indian Beige Marble which looks like Italian Beige Marble but in very reasonable Price Range. This is one of the most demandable marble around the World and supply by Bhandari marble group, India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh, 305801. Katni Marble could be regarded as the perfect choice of the costumers and adds beauty to their home villa, Hotel and projected stunningly. Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble practically verified by the buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches and monuments in India.
Bhandari Marble Group in India Rajasthan
Kishangarh is Asia’s Largest Marble Supplier. More than many million ton Marble sellers are available here at one place. In Kishangarh, there are Bhandari marble group the pioneer group of marble Gangsaw established which are manufacturing marble slabs & tiles.
Katni Marble-by Bhandari Marble Group
Katni Marble can be used for flooring, wall cladding, front elevations, borders & other designing purpose.
Katni Marble can be placed in Dinning spaces, Bedrooms, bathrooms, lobby’s & many other places and bring attractiveness over there. Katni Marble is widely demanded in Personal Homes as well as Commercial Projects.
If you have any question in your mind then please ask us. We will definitely give you a better reply. Some of the common question asked by the costumers with their perfect replies are as under:

 What is Katni Marble?

Bhandari Marble Group Katni Marble is Very good looking Marble. it is Indian Marble which look like Italian Marble but in very Cheap Price Range .
This is one of the most demandable products in Indian and International Markets. Katni Marble could be regarded as the perfect choice of the costumers and adds beauty to their home stunningly.
 Beige Katni Marble
 Green Katni Marble
 Pink Katni Marble
 Wonder Katni Marble
 White Katni Marble
 Light Katni Marble
 Premium Katni Marble
 Best Katni Marble

 Which sizes are available in Katni Marble?
Answer:- Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble available in various sizes but the average size of marble slab is 5 × 3 Sq.ft. Other sizes will be available as per the customized orders of customer.

 Which marble flooring patterns are available in Katni Marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble is a natural stone , so that various marble flooring patterns can be used .

 What is the prize range of Katni Marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni Marble is starting from 40 Rs. per sq. feet up to 75 Rs. per sq. feet. For Details please give your email id. We will send you complete details regarding price list with photos and flooring designs.
Prize depends on Katni marble quality and sizes. If you will purchase Katni marble tiles then that will cost you cheap.

 Is figure designs are available in Katni marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble many designs are available.

 After fitting of Katni marble, how much time polish is require again on Katni Marble?

Answer:- Bhandari marble group most probably no need of many years, polish is require on Katni marble.

 What is the life of Katni Marble?

Answer: – Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble is basically a very good product. If you will use it once. No

*Bhandari Marble Group

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Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest and largest manufacture, supplier and exporter of marble, Italian Marble, Indian Marble, Imported marble, granite, sandstone, Limestone and Natural stone. Experience more than 500 varieties and color of Marble, Granite and Natural Stone. over 387 years experience. Best imported quality marble , granite and natural stones.
Now hold a strong presence in market and are well recognised by prominent architects, builders and designers. It has gone from strength to strength and became a million dollar company isince 1631 and is ever expanding.
Indian Marble vs Italian Marble
Marble was assumed as a Royal Stone used in lots of historical monuments and sculptures made during the medieval times. Now adays, one can easily perceive the growing use of marble in homes, offices, and other commercial establishments. It is easily available in the form of marble slabs, floor tiles, and blocks to garner interior and exterior areas. Now, there are more marble quarries, processing units, factories, and selling units in all corners of the world. There are many countries involved in the exporting of their indigenous stones globally. When it comes to purchasing the right stone from the right country, all you need to do is to compare the product and make a decision. This content is all about a comparison between Indian marble and Italian marble.
Indian and Italian marbles: Variety
Indian marble comes from lots of North India quarries in Rajasthan and Gujarat. With immaculate quality and premium look, India caters to the high demand for marble in the world market. India is also involved in the processing and production of marble as per global standards. Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. We offer these beautiful Indian marble in quality and natural shine.
Some Common Types of Indian Marble:
• Banswara Marble
• Indian Onyx
• Indian Statuario
• Albeta Marble
• Agaria Marble
• Katni Marble
• Dungri
• Dharmeta
• Green Marble
• Pink Marble
• Golden Marble etc.
Widely appreciated for its high lustre and imparting visual appeal to the area where it’s used, Italian marble is quarried in Italy and is now easily available in India as well. Italian marble is one of the most sought after because of rarity of the material. Italian marble is used to give a high-end look to the home, as seen in this example. It is used as a decorative feature for the flooring, walls, bathroom countertops, tabletops and so on.
The most common types of Italian Marble :
• Botticino,
• Perlato Sicilia,
• Nero (black) Marquina,
• Rossa Verona,
• Crema Marfil,
• Carrara marble
• Statuario,
• Calacatta Marble,
• Perlato,
• Travertine,
• Dyna,
• Bianco ,
• Grey William Etc.
Italian and Indian marble: Popularity
Indian marble has more than hundreds of colors for marble aficionados. Indian stone makes a big difference with Ambaji marble, radiant white Markana marble Taj Mahal, onyx marble, and Indian green marble. These are highly popular materials for the export purpose.
Italian marble comes in an array of texture and color but with a restricted variety that includes white-colored Statuario marble, Botticino marble, Calacatta Marble, Vietnam Marble, Dyna Marble, Onyx Marble, Carrara marble and etc.
Indian and Italian marbles: Pricing
Indian marble cost differs from vendor to vendor and city to city due to the presence of marble quarries and factories. But the price of Indian marble is not too high as there are lots of quarries and processing units and buyers can directly purchase from marble manufacturers.
Italian marble is more costlier than Indian marble when you buy the stone on the basis of per square feet price. But Italian Marble has their unique shine and features.
Indian and Italian marbles: Installation cost
The cost of laying both marble types is depends on their quality and thickness and that will be more or less the same. But it is cheaper for the Indian stone. Laying marble is a labor-intensive process as it demands the creation of the base of cement and river sand.
Italian or Indian marble: Your verdict
When compared with Indian stones, Italian stones are quite expensive due to import duties. Being durable and highly lustrous, Italian stones are sold at an inflated price tag. Except for Markana marble, all other marble types in India are less expensive than Italian stones. Moreover, Indian marble comes in hundreds of colors, and it is also cost-effective. On the other hand, Italian marble comes with limited color choices. When you opt for Indian marble products, such as fantasy brown marble, rain forest green marble, green onyx and pink onyx , you are likely to get an edge in terms of quality, satisfaction, and functionality of the stone.
Indian Or Italian Marble- Merits & Demerits
Both Indian marble and Italian marble have their own virtues and demerits as per changing needs of end users. One should pick up any marble type on the basis of its direct, finish preference and cost factors. Italian stone can be cheaper and can be re-polished, but it has limited varieties. Conversely, Indian stone is pricey but it has lots of varieties.
There are lots of Indian marble manufactures, exporters, and suppliers in India that deal in the delivering of the finest quality marble products at competitive price ranges. BHANDARI Marble Group Exports is simply one of them.
We are one of the greatest marble manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of all kind of marble stones like marble, Italian marble, Marble Flooring, Onyx marble, Statuario marble, Sandstone, Kishangarh marble, Indian marble, Makrana marble, and Granite at an affordable price. Looking for any kind of quality marble, granite in India or anywhere in the world, you are at the best place. We provide quality marble, Granite, Limestone etc in India or anywhere in all over the world at wholesale price.
Vision and Mission
Our Vision is to create a company and a brand that not only stands out of the clutter but also delivers on its promises of quality.
We are unmatched in terms of promptness in providing samples, images of live lots, delivery of material.
A Group or a Company achieves its overall success and maintains its growth through its perfect management team.

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First Choice Marble Granite And Natural Stone

First Choice Marble Granite And Natural Stone For Home Villa Hotel And Project

Marble Flooring Designs for Home,Villa, Hotel, Project By Bhandari Marble Group

The Pioneer Group of Marble Granite and Natural Stone

Beauty of natural stone flooring are hard to come by in the dream home. Marble stone flooring happen in an order that’s hard to make sense of, most of the times. But our expert team have perfection makes those dream home more perfect whenever Bhandari marble group team involve them. Thankfully, the stories of our homes villa hotel can be differently written as they are set in stone and are a matter of choice instead of happenstances. The beginnings matter and so the entryway or the halls can be made as beautiful as we want them to be.

Marble Stone Granite Flooring And Elevation

Cozy and charming with marble stone flooring designs take your dream come true. The experience is made with designs finishing polish choices and a clever combination of colours of marble granite and natural stone.
Bhandari marble group/home flooring elevation and decorations

Flawless White Makrana Marble-By Bhandari Marble Group

From Taj Mahal to White House flawless white marble is first choice for dream home and projects

Black granite counter tops
Kitchen counter tops need very hard natural stone, Black granite is first choice for dream home and project.

Cobbles for Parking space
Granite cobbles are first choice for parking aria for dream home and projects.

Sandstone Tiles for elevation
Sandstone and sand blast tiles are first choice for elevation for dream home and project.

Katni Marble for Balcony
Katni marble is first choice for front and back balcony for dream home and project.

White and Color Italian Marble for lobby area
White and Color Italian Marble first choice for lobby dying and kitchen for dream home and project.
Bhandari Marble Group
Contact us
+91 9672941111/9829040013

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Best Marble In Katni Marble

Established in 1631 company operates from two locations Jaipur and Chennai to cover full range of North and South Indian products. Galaxy Impex is many certified and Products are marked. We are manufacturers and exporters of Quality natural stones such as Sandstone , Slate stone, LimeStone, Quartzite, Marble and Granite in wide variety of Finishes like hand cut paving, machine cut tiles, slabs, Mosaic tiles & borders, walling stone, six sides sawn paving, steps, cobbles and surfaces like natural, honed, polished, shot blasted, sandblasted, brushed, flamed, leather finish, Bullnose and vibrated (tumbled).
KATNI MARBLE: Available in various colour tones, Katni marble is good quality product. It is exported in bulk quantity from India.
Katni Marble Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble may be foliated. Geologists use the term “marble” to refer to metamorphosed limestone; however, stonemasons use the term more broadly to encompass un-metamorphosed limestone.
Price- 45rs to 100rs per sqft
Colors- Green, Brown , beige
Application- Flooring
Usage- Hardscaping, Flooring, Countertops, Wall Tile
Marble Type- Indian Marble
Form- Cut-to-Size, Tile, Slab
Thickness- 18mm to 20mm
Katni Marble is very good looking Marble. It is Indian Beige Marble which looks like Italian Beige Marble but in very Cheap Price Range. This is one of the most demandable products in Indian and International Markets. Katni Marble could be regarded as the perfect choice of the costumers and adds beauty to their home stunningly. This is practically verified by the buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches and monuments in India.
• Green Katni
• Brown Katni
• Beige Katni
• Katni Aqua
Katni Marble can be used for flooring, wall cladding, front elevations, borders & other designing purpose. Katni Marble can be placed in Dinning spaces, Bedrooms, bathrooms, lobby’s and many other places and bring attractiveness over there. Katni Marble is widely demanded in Personal Homes as well as Commercial Projects
Price- Rs 40/ Square Feet
Application- Flooring
Thickness- 18mmto 20 mm
Marble Type- Indian Marble
Price- Rs 45 / Square Feet
Application- Flooring, Elevation & Decoration
Marble Type Indian Marble
Form- Black, Slab & Tiles
Thickness- 18mm to 20mm
Price- Rs 40 / Square Feet
Usage- Flooring, Elevation & Decoration
Marble Type- Indian Marble
Thickness- 18mm to 20mm
Form- Block, Slab & Tiles
Katni Aqua
Price- 45rs to 75rs per sqft
Thickness16-20 mm
Marble Type- Indian Marble
Usage – Flooring, Elevation, decoration ,Hardscaping, Flooring, Countertops, Wall Tile
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is owner, Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Indian Natural Stones Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Pavingstone, Cobbles, Pebbles, Slate, Countertops, Mosaic, Circle, Stone Handicraft items etc. since last 387 years.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP have completed various large projects for many of our clients in Turkey, Oman and U.A.E. We can supply best quality materials as per your required sizes, thickness and finishes at a very competitive prices and timely delivery.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP have an experienced workforce and a team of competent managers who ensures consistently high quality and timely deliveries. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP now request you to about our products and company and request you to please send us your requirement details enabling us to send you our best offer.

+91 9829040013

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The Biggest Marble Mandi At Kishangarh

Bhandari Marble Group-Kishangarh the Biggest Marble Mandi
Kishangarh is Asia’s biggest marble market, more than 10000 marble manufacturing, supplies, dealer, distributor, stockiest, shopping center, in Kishangarh, Bhandari marble group one of the best marble manufacturing, supply group in Kishangarh. Makrana is a municipal council and a Tehsil in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan, India. There are more than 136 villages under this Tehsil, making Makrana one of the biggest Tehsil in Nagaur District. Makrana is famous for the white marble taken from the mines around.
Bhandari Marble Group India Makrana and Kishangarh, Bhandari Marble Group marble is one of the best white marble in India they come up as the best choice for interiors due to their elegance, light, and warmth.
Which City Is The Largest Producer of Marble In India?
Hema Malini……………………..
Bhandari Marble Group-Kishangarh Rajasthan is the largest producer and resource holder of marble in India marmor in Greek means shining stone. The state accounts for 90% of India’s marble production.
Get Phone Numbers, Address, Reviews, Photos, and Maps for top Marble Stone Dealers near me in Kishangarh, Ajmer. White Marble, Makrana Marble, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with White Marble prices
Bhandari Marble Group-This place is very well known for its stone market. Kishangarh marble rates are always competitive.
Italian Marble-Bhandari Marble Group
 Bottochino Classico/Bhandari Marble Group
 Statuario Venato/Bhandari Marble Group
 Sunny Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Serpeggiante/Bhandari Marble Group
 Rosso Pisthalo/Bhandari Marble Group
 Rosso Travertine/Bhandari Marble Group
 Yellow Travertine/ Bhandari Marble Group
 Tiger Onyx/ Bhandari Marble Group
 Red Travertine/Bhandari Marble Group
 Red Levante/Bhandari Marble Group
 Red Alicante/Bhandari Marble Group
 Nero Portoro/Bhandari Marble Group
 Perlato Chips/Bhandari Marble Group
 Onice Arancio/Bhandari Marble Group
 Grey William Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Myra Beige/Bhandari Marble Group
 Moon Cream/Bhandari Marble Group
 Crema Marfil/Bhandari Marble Group
 Light Emperador/Bhandari Marble Group
 Rosso Verona/Bhandari Marble Group
 Honey Travertine/Bhandari Marble Group
 Grey Flurry/Bhandari Marble Group
 Grey Chigan/Bhandari Marble Group
 Glass White/Bhandari Marble Group
 Florentine Beige/Bhandari Marble Group
 Fire Red/Bhandari Marble Group
 Emerald Pearl /Bhandari Marble Group
 Dark Emperador/Bhandari Marble Group
 Dark Beige Travertine/Bhandari Marble Group
 Dyna Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Crema Flurry/Bhandari Marble Group
 Cream Marfil/Bhandari Marble Group
 Carrara Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Breccia Aurora/Bhandari Marble Group
 Blue Pearl/Bhandari Marble Group
 Black Marquina/Bhandari Marble Group
 Green Onyx/Bhandari Marble Group
 Australian White/Bhandari Marble Group
 Antique Beige/Bhandari Marble Group
Indian Marble-Bhandari Marble Group
 Toronto Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Sawar Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Pink Marble /Bhandari Marble Group
 Morwad Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Makrana Pure White /Bhandari Marble Group
 Makrana Dungri/Bhandari Marble Group
 Light Green Katni /Bhandari Marble Group
 Katni Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Katni Green/Bhandari Marble Group
 Indian Egyptian Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Green Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Green Marble Polished/Bhandari Marble Group
 Dharmeta Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Sawar Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Albeta Marble/Bhandari Marble Group
 Agaria White /Bhandari Marble Group
Bhandari Marble Group-Kishangarh Marble Market
Kishangarh Marble Market now becomes Asia’s Biggest Marble Market. Here More Than 10000 Marble seller, supplier, Manufacturer and exporter, importer is at one place. We are one of them and us proud on it. In Kishangarh you will get full quantity of Indian Marbles, Italian Marbles, Granite, sandstone and Lime stone at best Rate price. The world famous R.K. Marbles is also situated at Kishangarh. His name recorded in World Guinness Book of Record as the largest producer of marble.
Bhandari Marble Group–Early 1631
Popular in the early 1631s was a marble city called Kishangarh marble city. White marble mostly use in flooring. Marble dust is combined with cement or synthetic resins to make reconstituted or cultured marble. Some marbles that show colorful patterning are used for decorative architecture. Patterning in marble arises from various types of marbles. All of our marbles are individually handcrafted.
Bhandari Marble Group- Handicrafts
And handcrafted also available in our stock. Bhandari Marble Group tries as hard as we can to make all marbles of each specific style look similar to the ones shown on my showroom. Bhandari marble group have different patterns of marble and sandstone available in our showroom. Jaipur city only 100 km. far from Kishangarh marble city and Ajmer 30 km far from Kishangarh marble city.
Bhandari Marble Group- Kishangarh Zone
 Kishangarh Marble Mandi/Bhandari Marble Group
 Kishangarh marble price/Bhandari Marble Group
 Marble in Kishangarh/Bhandari Marble Group
 Marble rate of Kishangarh, /Bhandari Marble Group
 Indian Marble In Kishangarh/Bhandari Marble Group
 Italian Marble In Kishangarh/Bhandari Marble Group
 Sandstone In Kishangarh/Bhandari Marble Group
 Granite In Kishangarh/Bhandari Marble Group
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The choice of undertaking the paths less travelled has made all the difference in the success story of Bhandari Marble Group. The company was established in a simple warehouse at Kishangarh, Rajasthan, in 1631 and ever since has been raising the bar with its quality products and superior services.


We at Bhandari Marble Group  created with the best quality marble that is available at us today. Featuring, pure natural stone marble that can be custom designed for you and all artistically hand carved by master craftsman. We have many different natural marble colors to choose from. We invite you to beautify your home today with these beautiful artistic garden fountains, indoor fountains, outdoor fountains, handmade stone fountains, wall fountains and ball fountains.

Experienced craftsman carve Marble Fountains in various shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of the clients. The special attributes of the Marble garden fountains is creatively carved, elaborate designs, gorgeous looks, long-lasting and fine finishing. We are counted at the top in the list of the Marble Fountains Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers based in India.



1.Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

Water fountain pumps are meant to run 24/7. It is harder on the pump if it is turned on and off continuously. You should not need to turn your fountain off as long as there is enough water in the fountain for the allotted time. Cleaning your water fountain should be a fairly simple process.

2.Do fountains use a lot of electricity?

Most fountains use around the same amount of energy as a small lamp, and you should not notice any significant increase in your electricity bill after installing your fountain. In addition, some outdoor fountains can be constructed to run on solar power. Some outdoor fountains can be constructed to run on solar power. This means that as long as they are placed in areas with sufficient sunlight, they will not require any other energy source.

3.What do fountains symbolize?

Fountain is the symbol of joy and peace. Water is anyway a sign of calmness and symbolizes relief of situations in life. Having a fountain in the house is a sign of pride or honor. Fountain dreams are signs that indicate the arrival of a new relation or increased excitement in the existing relation.

4.How much is a indoor and outdoor water fountains?

The cost of an indoor drinking fountain typically depends on the size, length, design and marble,while an outdoor version runs also on the size, length, design , marble and  including installation.

5.How do I take care of my indoor water fountain?

Indoor water fountains are obviously not subjected to the same extremes of temperature, wind, rain, etc, as the outdoor versions.  A little maintenance goes a long way when it comes to indoor fountain care. Treat your water fountain like the work of art that it is, and you’ll be enjoying it’s beauty forever. Use a soft cloth to wipe dust from the fountain, and never use any harsh chemicals or cleaners

6.How can I protect my outdoor fountain?

A reputable company will use high quality materials, such as bronze, to create fountains that can withstand almost any type of adverse weather. In addition, such companies will provide adequate advice on how outdoor fountains should be drained and covered when not in use. Today, indoor fountains are available in a variety of different sizes and styles. Your preferences and specifications can help you narrow down which fountain is right for your home, office, or other indoor space.


Established in the year 1631, at India, Rajasthan,  Kishangarh ,305801 Rajasthan, India We “Bhandari marble group ”, are Proprietorship Firm, engaged in manufacturing, importing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing a wide range of Marble Slab, Granite Slab,

Why Us?

Owing to our prompt delivery, ingenious team of professionals and client focused approaches, we have been able to attain a huge client base.


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