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White marble
“flawless White – “strong beautiful and distinguished white”

white marble shows attitude and climaxes the luxurious aspect of your home, villa, hotel project and personality.
Statuario marble
Imposing flawless white background comes to contrast the rainfall-like dark greyish veining of this marble, creating a calm symmetry, that will leave a unique stigma wherever it is placed.

Being quarried in Italy quarry statuario. White can become the protagonist of every high scale project, where claddings and floorings will highlight the quality, endurance and luxury this eternal construction material provides.

‘’Quality is not an act, it is a habit’’
Bhandari marble group

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The Art of
Flawless white marble is a highly experienced end-to-end Natural stone of Bhandarimarblegroup in the marble industry that offers complete and customized solutions to its clients’ needs.

Bhandari marble group starts its journey from the quarries that produce our excellent quality marbles, ‘’flawless White’’ through a whole production process and treatment at its high-end facilities, using state-of-art machinery, to finally end up fulfilling its purpose· to adorn your place exactly the way you imagined it.

Our high level of expertise, know-how and high-tech machines, allow us to have absolutely no limit to our production capabilities. All the above, combined with the special attention we give to the unique needs of our every customer, is the main reason why more and more customers are choosing Bhandarimarblegroup every day for their projects. What about you?

“Our highest priority is listening to you and your needs, paying attention to details and going beyond expectations so that you feel secure and ultimately rewarded by trusting in Bhandarimarblegroup.

We are interested in building up a long-term relationship with each business that trusts in us and we refuse seeing customers as a one-time order”

In Bhandarimarblegroup we like to think differently. That’s why our whole philosophy revolves around a single ideology· ‘’No’’ is not an option.
Our customers find only solutions that serve and care for their needs. What can be challenging for some, for Bhandarimarblegroup’s team is self- evident? The development of relationships of trust with the customers, the quality and the efficiency of our work, is the driving force of our journey over the centuries. Our strong will to adapt ourselves to the customer’s needs rather than vice versa, seriously and responsibly, is the reason why we stand out from the competition.

Flawless White

Makrana white marble
Statuario marble
Sivec Marble
Thassos Marble
Volakas Marble
Michael Anglo Marble
Factory and Machinery
The passion we have for our work at the Bhandari marble group appears in everything that makes up this company. The projects and the quality of our work may speak for itself, but to successfully complete a project it first goes through an entire process in our facilities, for which we have every reason to be proud. Bhandari marble group main facilities, covering a total area of 70.000 square meters, are thought to be a real gem for the marble industry

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Being able to reflect on such a remarkable natural product as the marble, Granite and Natural stone anything that an architect or an artist can imagine is itself something that excites us and makes us work on every home, villa, hotel, and project with the same commitment for a flawless outcome. At Bhandarimarblegroup, the passion, the dedication and the ability to be able to bring to life every thought you have for your project are making the perfect combination that allows us to stand out from our competition. To explore all possibilities that natural stone has to offer, you need the right partner with the mindset and capacity to support your inspiration without limitations. Contact us to find solutions and ideas tailored to your own needs.
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About Natural stones

Natural stone
Bhandari marble group Offers the Beauty of Stone
By D.C.Bhandari
Bhandari marble group
Italian marble Is Luxurious natural stone 
has been one of the best marble was introduced to the market. Not only is the super look, but it can also be extremely beautiful!

New technologies have emerged that enable manufacturers of Natural stone to create more natural colors with veins and waves. Italian marble has some amazing designs that help colors and patterns and have several colors that mimic the natural beauty of the stone.

Italian marble color palette is sophisticated, natural and oh so luxurious.

Carrara marble
the first attempt at natural stone was their Carrara marble.

The introduction of Carrera was so exciting because it was the first of its kind. A white color that did not look like pebbles or dots, it marble.

from centuries jumped on board and began releasing their own wavy vein patterns marble.

Statuario marble
kept working with the white/gray marble look, and from many centuries was introduced.

It was a dream come true for marble lovers. is much truer to real marble patterns, with its subtle veins popping in and out of the surface. A great accompaniment to that classic for flooring, elevation, decoration and white or sleek contemporary kitchen.

Calacatta marble 
Calacatta marble
has really taken its time with the release of their next level marble-like Calcutta. This is a head-turning color with its large veins that imitate marble. This is the first product that has large, continuous veins versus smaller, repeating waves or veins.

This particular color is in a Bhandarimarblegroup of its own. More beautiful equals more expensive. Still real marble, but with all of the advantages of Natural stone a dream come true for marble lovers not wanting to deal with the quality and quantity.

Piatra Grey 
Piatra Grey marble
is one to be reckoned with, and Piatra Grey is a soapstone look-alike with a punch. This gray with white veining is timeless. This countertop looks fabulous with flooring, elevation, decoration and white kitchen cabinets. It has everything you could want, a cool gray color with subtle white veins.

Crema Marfil marble
Soft and creamy and oh so dreamy! Crema Marfil is a soft, subtle, marble-like color, with inspiration from Crema Marfil Marble.

This color is so warm it makes you want to curl up with a book, blanket and a cup of tea. And not a worry about your surface with coffee rings, this is a natural stone with stain-resistant properties to help you relax and the important things.
Light and Dark Emperador 
The Emperador has the same pattern as the Grey. The Emperador, however, has a dark chocolate color that is sophisticated and masculine, yet still graceful and elegant.

Flooring, Elevation and decoration and Kitchen Countertop

Onyx is very similar to the natural look, but what makes it different is its translucent surface.

This gives the onyx more depth and sparkle. It also changes the overall color to gray versus the white of the Onyx. This is another fabulous color to select for flooring, elevation, decoration and kitchen countertops.

Natural stone = Marble, Granite, Sandstone, limestone, slate, onyx etc.
Natural stone
Natural stone’s entire color palette is amazing, and their natural vein series is different. These natural colors are now truer and more exciting than ever.

Now get your beautiful flooring elevation, decoration and kitchen countertop with the natural stone, less maintenance.

The designer recommended and homeowner adored, the stone has natural color and designs.
Bhandari marble group