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MARBLE & GRANITE: precious differences
Marble and granite are natural stones of extreme beauty. Marble is elegant and bright. Granite is strong and full of energy. Choosing between the two is difficult but not impossible. We must love and know them, understand them, to be able to use them to the fullest.
You can do this too, letting yourself be moved by the countless proposals that only a ‘Supreme entity’ like Nature could create…
marble and granite
The easiest way to distinguish marble from granite is definitely that of visual impact.
The marble has a homogeneous surface, with more or less thin veins that can vary in color intensity, while the granite can be recognized by its grain composition.
Since marble is a metamorphic rock, which is born from a process of transformation of its elements due to temperature and pressure, it appears to the eye as a predominantly homogeneous surface, crossed by more or less thin veins.
While MARBLE & GRANITE, is an intrusive igneous rock that derives from the crystallization of the lava and its texture is characterized by a grain ranging from medium to gross, with the occasional presence of microcrystals.

Furthermore, the names of these two natural stones also help us identify how to distinguish marble from granite: marble derives from the ancient Greek màrmaros meaning ‘shining stone’ while granite comes from the Latin granum, with aclear reference to ‘grain’ as a small entity.
marble and granite: the expert’s eye
One of the fundamental elements into making a due comparison between marble and granite is the concept of hardness. Leaving aside the technical definition, hardness can be described as the difficulty that the material places to the cut, to its working, to the breaking and to the action of external agents.
physical characteristics, marble lends itself very well to the creation of artworks and furnishing elements.
If we make a comparison between marble and granite on the hardness point of view, granite is certainly more resistant, as demonstrated by its applications on floors, even outdoor, very popular public places, work surfaces of bars and kitchens. The marble, on the contrary, features a lower hardness that however allows this material to be more versatile in the different processes and to propose itself as an irreplaceable partner for the most diverse design projects, artefacts artistic and coatings.
It is important to know that marble fears external agents and acid substances but does not present significant problems with oily substances, granite instead is delicate for the latter which are absorbed by the small interstices of its crystalline structure.
Natural stones alternative to marble
Marble, thanks to its elegance and beauty, has always been considered the finest and most prestigious choice. However, in some realizations such as tops for kitchens or bar counters, this option becomes impractical due to the delicacy of the material and the attention required for its maintenance.
there are alternatives, and the secret lies in getting out of the ‘traditional’ idea of natural stone and letting yourself be fascinated by the immense offer that the market makes available and which can combine the beauty of design with the necessary features, guaranteeing elegant and original results.
the Taj Mahal as a granite at first glance, because it is very similar to marble.
An idea, for example, for those looking for the whiteness and brightness of white marble, can be the use of granite that in our collection is identified as Taj Mahal.
imperceptible grain and its delicate veins in shades of grey, this material has a very uniform and brilliant delivery, very similar to marble. Its being a granite, however, makes it robust and resistant to scratches, trampling and external agents.
even within the same category of natural stone we find materials of the same family but with very different characteristics: marble, for example, is a wonderful alternative to Statuario marble and is technically more resistant and available at lower prices.
The beautiful veins with the grey PURPLE beige tone of the soft Corteccia quartzite give a strong emotion of naturalness.
In recent years, natural quartzites quartzite, that resemble marble in texture but have very similar technical characteristics to granite, have also been very successful, and there are many proposals in this family, some very special, such as the ones that recall with various shades of brown and beige the bark of trees in our collection, Elegant Brown.
The choice is really wide and with good advice you can get superb results, ideal as yield and requirements, without compromise.
whether granite is more expensive than marble, and speaking in absolute terms, the answer is certainly no. As in all sectors, however, the prices vary according to different parameters such as type, slabs thickness, processing and type of application.
For marble and granite as for all natural stones, the correct way to approach the idea is to start from the project and the yield that the natural stone must have inside it. Once considered this and the use of the material, we must then navigate through the infinite proposal of materials available today and in which there is certainly the right answer in terms of design, use and cost. Therefore, the right question to ask rather than.



Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions.
Indian marble & Italian marble
Indian Marbles. Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. Bhandarimarblegroup offer these beautiful indian marble in quality and natural shine to use for commercial and residential purpose. Generally indian is highly demand in pure white colour.
Italian marble
Italian marbles are highly durable and have long life. These marble’s raw stones are imported from the Italy in India and has high demand around the world. These marble stones are of really very good. Most famous type of this marble is Statuario, Carrara and Colicatta marble
“Way back when, you’d have to tell people stories about Taj mahal “That was the only way to get them excited about it.”
That’s Bhandari marble group’s
“It” is marble. Hard to believe, but one of the world’s most classic in the literal sense of the word surface materials hasn’t always been in vogue, especially in all I’ve World. It wasn’t until the tail end of the 20th century that marble became common in our home villa, hotel and projects kitchens and bathrooms, as a combination of better fabrication technology and a more global supply chain of Bhandari marble group led to available and affordable natural stones.
Latest Marble
In 2019, however, the market looks different than it did 300 years ago. Our technician & Engineered make more options for finish and polish have gained ground and clients like 360 degree of finish expectations are shifting. Business of Home spoke to designers and distributors to get a sense of the factors shaping the world of natural stone today.
Bhandari marble group’s
There is no massive conglomerate that owns and select all the quarries in the world via a database in the cloud. Many are controlled by individual Bhandari Family and have been passed down through generations.
Marble by Bhandari marble group
Lots of marble in Carrera, Italy and India are marked for identification Courtesy
The Bhandari marble group
designer-focused U.S. , U.K., U.A.E. and all over World offshoot of a larger international stone distribution company, You’re going direct to Manufacturer and Supplier or book online and hand-picking slabs, one by one.
Bhandari marble group’s
Because of the remarkable diversity of the supply, marble is resistant to disruption, Relationships still matter—a lot. Who your distributor knows, on the manufacturing level, can make an impact on both the quality and quantity of stone you have access to. We’ve been in the business for over 387 years, and we have direct relationships with quarries in every major country—Italy, India, Germany, Spain, China, Brazil, Turkey,Iran,etc.
Bhandari marble group
You can book online also,
more and more, a lot of the good stuff goes quickly.
Quality & Quantity Marble
recommending clients pick stone earlier and earlier in the design process, and for large projects, where all of the slabs have to Much.
Marble is so popular now, and people are using it vertically for flooring, elevation , decoration and counter top as well.

We spec stone in almost all of our projects, says Architects & Interior.




No matter the design style you have in mind, tile flooring is a smart way to add flair to your home’s decor. The variety of materials and designs available in tile flooring means that it’s easier than ever to make your space stylish and unique. More durable and long lasting than carpet and wood, Marble slabs & tile flooring is a sensible approach that achieves a timeless, high-end look in any room.

Dark grey herringbone bathroom floor marble slabs & tile.
The moody and dramatic hues of the Grey collection are highlighted in this herringbone arrangement.
Marble slabs & Tile flooring has the ability to seamlessly fit within a multitude of styles, making it perfectly suited for any trend. Bigger is becoming better when it comes to size. Large-format marble slabs & tiles are more popular than ever, and the minimal grout lines they present give a smooth, cohesive appearance to your floor. We continue to love new comming wood-look Marble stone slabs & tile, which flawlessly replicates the texture and grain of real wood in an extremely durable material. Unique shapes and styles, such as hexagons and mosaics, are the newest trend in wood-look Marble tiles. Natural stone remains a popular look that will never go out of style. Marble, travertine and slate add luxurious sophistication to your kitchen, bathroom and any flooring surface in your home. If natural stone is Shop to Bhandarimarblegroup check out the latest selections in fashionable marble slabs & tile flooring.

Light-grey marble mosaic floor tile.
It’s hard to go wrong with a soft-grey Marble mosaic.

Black, white and gold Marble floor slabs & tile.
Your ultra-glamorous retreat from the world starts with a stunning art marble slab and tile bathroom floor.

Brown wood-look kitchen Marble slabs & floor tile.
Advances in natural stone have given wood-look marble slabs and tile an almost identical authenticity and warmth as the best thing.

Blue and wood-look onyx floor tile.
Create a design that packs a punch. These onyx tiles contain multiple faces that make the design possibilities endless.

From modern to rustic, marble slabs & tile flooring is well suited to fit your personal interior design style. Traditionally, stone flooring has been a durable, time-tested design element. Keep in mind that a material you choose can lend itself to multiple design styles. For example, large-format grey slate can give you a contemporary Nordic vibe, whereas slate with hints of orange and beige can lean warm and rustic. Given the variety of textures and colors available in porcelain and ceramic tile, it is an exceptional choice for modern homes. When aiming for a rustic feel for your home, focus on elements that add a cozy vibe. Installing natural stone wood-look marble slabs and tile flooring is effective in adding warm tones to your space. If you’re aiming for farmhouse style, flooring is always appropriate, but there are plenty of other tile options, like black and white patterns, that can work well with a comfortable, lived-in look.

textured and wood look wall stone tiles and grey tiles.
The darker tones of this natural stone floor add a contemporary element to this enclosed space.

Make your entryway feel rustic with the look of natural stone floors.

From modern to rustic and white to patterned, Marble slabs and tiles has options for any room in your home.


black granite floor slabs and tiles.

Let our design experts help you to create the floor of your dreams. Our free design services are available to you 7 days a week.

The material you decide to install for your flooring can drastically affect the feel of your room. Natural stone like marble and travertine are classic looks that are beautiful,
Polished marble tile flooring is a beautiful choice for your modern bathroom.

black floor GRANITE’S

An easy way to set the mood in your home is by selecting the right flooring color. In recent years, WHITE MARBLE has become a very popular color for tile floors because they help create a cool, comfortable vibe. WHITE also provides a neutral backdrop that allows you to decorate in any color and make a bold statement with your appliances, accent walls and furniture. Check out modern MARBLE SLABS AND tiles, which are available in a variety of WHITE tones and textures. Bright white MARBLE SLABS are also trendy these days as they can provide stunning contrast to dark cabinets and appliances. White MARBLE tile also makes your room look bigger especially if you use large-format tiles. Install larger, lighter tiles in a room with lots of natural sunlight for a special look. Marble tile will continue to be popular especially in kitchens and bathrooms.



Marble is a trans-formative stone made out of calcite. Due to its structure, marble can take a high clean and is an extremely prominent brightening stone for  and sculptural purposes.
Indian Marble itself can be of two types, one made out of calcite and the other of dolomite. The shade of marble ranges from the splendid white of calcite to dark, including blue-gray, red, yellow and green, contingent on the mineral composition.
Typical uses
Marble has numerous decorative and auxiliary employments. It is utilized for outdoor sculptures and additionally for form bases; in architecture it is utilized as a part of outside dividers and finishes, flooring, decorative features, stairways and walkways.
Popular types of Indian marble:
It comes in an astonishing array of colors such as white, pink, yellow, green, red and black.
Kishangrah is the marble hub of the world.
These are the best manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of natural stones, granite, marble, sand stone and Indian marbles for various uses:
1) Bhandari Marble group
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This is the list of our best selling marbles:
• Lustrous white Makrana marble.
• High-quality white Ambaji marble.
• The widely exported Indian green marble.
• Onyx marble, etc.
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Using marble in interiors can grant an opulent look and generate a character in your ambience. Marble ages beautifully, and adds quality to your life while blending luxury in it with an easy grace. This rich flavor of luxury, one that you can almost savour, is effectively visible after the completion of the designing project.
Knowing which marble to choose and how to choose it, is a tedious task for those who don’t quite know what to look for. Re-modelling projects catered by individuals sometimes go extremely haywire in the absence of correct information about the application